It’s only taken a week; but finally we come to an end of the epic menu that made up Oscarsfest 2010.

And the only only way to go, is up.

There’s not a lot more buoyant or heartwarming than people following their dreams, a torrent of colourful balloons, the memories of the ones you love; or a cracking cookie and a cup of tea at the end of a long night.

Sweet sweet, but slightly silly, with a touch of salt pulling them back from the realm of sappy.

These are, quite frankly, some of the best cookies I’ve ever tasted. And not just because they resemble a beautiful bunch of balloons.

Like their award winning creator these cookies are well on their way to becoming legend; and an essential required element of all future Oscarsfests.

Up cookies

Cream 250 grams of butter with 1 cup of raw sugar and 1 cup of brown sugar. Add 2 eggs and a teaspoon of vanilla essence. Sift in 2 cups of self raising flour, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, 1 teaspoon of baking soda and a pinch of salt.

Fold through 2 and a half cups of oats which you’ve blitzed in a blender to turn into a subservient pile of chaff.

Then to the doughy mixture add 1 packet of M&Ms and half a cup of white chocolate and dark chocolate chips, a cup and a half of chopped nuts and 2 Mars bars, chopped into little pieces. If you put the Mars bars in the fridge before chopping them it makes it easier.

I think you could pretty much add any kind of party mix and it would be great.

Roll the dough into balls and put on baking paper on a baking sheet. They’re going to spread a little when you cook, so give them some room. Cook them for 10-12 minutes at 190C.

They’ll still be soft when they come out. They’re good hot, and cold. And they’re insanely good with a cup of tea.

Recipe courtesy of film critic and 2010 true winner of Most Films seen and Best Score gained; Alice Tynan.

And so we close the curtains on Oscarsfest 2010 and say…. that’s all folks.

Until next year.