There’s a lot about skiing that is ridiculous. I’m talking about the layers of clothing (today there were nine involved).  The manacles of torture that are plastic boots. The way that your lip balm is always in the last pocket that you look in.

And the fact that it’s virtually impossible to say that you’re off  to Val d’Isere without sounding like a pampered princess of the highest order. 

But there’s a lot that is stupendous. And if you don’t hate me too much already, here’s a taste.

Exhibit a)

What’s not to like about Provencal Rose, chilling in the snow?

Exhibit b)

Is there anywhere else in the world that a Kit Kat tastes as good?

Exhibit c)

The joy of a crepe at the end of a cold day should never be underestimated.

Exhibit d)

Nor should the pleasures of a lunch in the snow, with sunshine with three beautiful men.

And this, this is where the danger starts.

Before you know it you’ll be dancing in ski boots and making snow angels in fresh piste.

Suffice to say, life is currently being very kind.