Pumpkin Quinoa Bars

Are you looking for a nifty way to use up some of the pumpkin that’s languishing in your fridge? Do you want a one handed snack that’s plump with protein, savoury yet mellow and can help stop you reaching for a piece of cake at 3 pm? Are you looking for an alternative to polenta […]


Pineapple, Carrot, Banana Spelt Cake (a sort of Hu...

  Do you need a summery sort of everyday cake? The sort of cake that you can slice with a cup of tea at 3 pm and not feel too leaden, that deviates a little from your common culprits of banana cake, carrot or chocolate? Do you need a morale boost that uses up the […]


Butternut Squash, Rosemary and Raisin Spelt Scones

Do you need some butternut squash scones in your life? Here’s a pop quiz to help you figure it out. Do you a) Cast about at 10 am for something to have with a cup of tea? b) Feel like sometimes food should comfort and cosset you, in the way that a hug from your […]


Grapefruit and Blood Orange Olive Oil Cake

There are everyday cakes and there are special occasion cakes.  And then there are the rare breeds. These are the cakes that are the black jersey dress in your cupboard- the kind that can be comfortable and casual and at home on the couch, or serve just fine at a semi-formal do, so long as […]


Banana Chocolate Sour Cream Cake

I have become one of those people. One whose eyes glaze over at the mention of the dark matter, unable to focus on anything until I get my next fix. I’m talking most specifically about chocolate. If you are in the same predicament and have an urgent hankering for a chocolate loaf cake that’s refined […]