Evie Cookies (Dairy Free Oat, Dried Fruit and Coco...

Are you in need of an easy, refined sugar/dairy/wheat free hipster cookie biscuit that you and yours can easily make and devour? The sort of thing to gift to breastfeeding friends, share over a baby cino with a toddler, or pack up as a portable breakfast? If so, I think I can help. Skip down […]


Apricot Oat Cookies and Six Nut Free Lunchbox Snac...

 There are a consort of complicated things about navigating life with a small side kick. If what is currently plaguing you is the quest to find some easy nut-free, refined sugar, gluten free, earnest snacks that you can feel smug about stocking your children’s lunchboxes with, skip straight to the bottom. In this house there […]


Magical Egg-Free Chocolate Biscotti

Hold the phone. There are plenty of reasons why you should make these cookies. I’ll get to their deeply satisfying, intensely chocolate taste and brittle crumb later. But first we must address the sheer novelty in their construction. It’s best to just come out and say it.  They are made with bean juice instead of […]


Chocolate Oat Cookies

There are cookies for different occasions. These ones are for the days when you’re just not sure what to say. If that’s what your facing –  if you have a pressing need for a pliant, intensely chocolate flavoured cookie, made with unrefined brown sugar and ground oats instead of flour, skip straight to the bottom […]


Flourless (nut free) Pomegranate and Coconut Brown...

There are brownie days. Days when a meek muffin leaden with flax just won’t cut it. Last week we had quite a few of them. There must have been a glitch in the universe, because somehow, David Bowie, circa 1986 as the Goblin King came and stole my child. He replaced him with a screeching, […]