Five Hour Lamb Shoulder

Do you need a complete fail-safe, hands off way to feed a crowd easily and elegantly? If so, I’ve got a solution for you. This five hour lamb shoulder is my default dinner party/lunch party answer- and I think it might soon be yours too. If you’re in a hurry for how-to, skip straight to […]


Double Decker Oat Flour Carrot Cake

If what you need is a not-too-indulgent work-horse of carrot cake (refined sugar free, gluten free, etc etc) that’s perfect to serve for afternoon tea, or an easy dessert at the end of a civilised lunch, skip to the recipe at the bottom. If you want a little prattling about life and finding truth bombs […]


Hidden Egg Hot Cross Buns

These are good buns. They’re properly doughy, not blousy and brittle like day old sliced bread. They’re headily spiced. They’re sweet, but not overly. And then there’s a novelty factor. If you feel like it, hide an egg inside a few before they bake. It’s then a hunt and a surprise once you break them […]


Eggs en Cocotte with Leek and Tarragon – Amo...

The film:  The dish: The reason: Despite their advancing years George and Anne Laurent still have a fantasy Parisian apartment, a shared flirtatious twinkle and a love of Schubert. Their final movement begins over an egg at breakfast. A shell is broken and soon so is the smooth veneer of their marriage, as Anne slips […]

Quail eggs with two salts

Quail eggs with two salts

These are good eggs. Not just because they’re small- and small things are indisputably cute (ref; babies, puppies, kittens, nieces, Nemo). Not because they’re a low carb pre dinner nibble that isn’t made from pigs or peanuts. And not because they’re a blank canvas that allows you to go crazy with flavoured salts (I haven’t […]