Eating out – Dubrovnik


Villa Dubrovnik

There are ‘Peter Pan Happy Places’ that you go to in your head when the world is a little dimmer than it should be. Maui used to be that location for me. It’s now got some fierce competition from this spot in Dubrovnik…. ‘Romance forever’.  This is what’s promised by the promotional materials of Villa […]


Cliff bars of Dubrovnik

Unless you’re like me and fastidiously research where to go in a city before you arrive (a special breed of procrastination/avoidance of doing things like writing the final essay for your book….) or have friends who pass on the tip with love, the first notion that there’s something special on the cliffs outside of Dubrovnik […]


Best coffee in Dubrovnik- Glam Cafe

I’ll say it upfront. Dubrovnik is a magical town. It might have something to do with the history (stretching back to the Middle Ages). It might have something to do with its impressive fortresses (Game of Thrones fan alert). Then it might be about the shockingly clear water and UNESCO World Heritage Status. Dubrovnik is […]