Eggs en Cocotte with Leek and Tarragon – Amo...

The film:  The dish: The reason: Despite their advancing years George and Anne Laurent still have a fantasy Parisian apartment, a shared flirtatious twinkle and a love of Schubert. Their final movement begins over an egg at breakfast. A shell is broken and soon so is the smooth veneer of their marriage, as Anne slips […]


Mandarin / Clementine Curd

We need to talk about the googling. It’s a kernel that germinated around the same time that we had a confirmed poppy seed aboard.  If you’re a fly by the seat of your pants, let the wind take you where it may kind of person, then I envy you. If you’re the sort of folk […]


Truffled Garlic Egg Brioches- and a book review &#...

  ‘White Truffles in Winter’; that sounds like a book I’d like. A bit of historical fiction, laced with food anecdotes? Why yes, this is exactly the sort of thingI want to take with me on a long flight, or to the couch with a pot of tea on a day when it’s too grey […]

3.2all the nana's 2

Chicken, Lemon and White Bean Soup (a video and a ...

There are times when you feel rotten and you need something to make you feel better. Maybe it’s a honking cold. Maybe it’s a hangover. Maybe it’s manflu. Or maybe it’s just the mean reds. Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure this soup  can help. Rather than leaning on noodles, matzo balls, rice, or a […]


Baked Mexican Eggs

These are eggs that deserve a party. Yet brunch gatherings aren’t always easy or fun.  They’re often the domain of people with small children – the ones trying to maintain the social life they once had, before the nap times of tiny creatures cannibalised their day. They’re for  me nine years ago, playing house with […]