Baked Savoury Apples

My mother’s new house in the green flecked paddocks of Berry has an orchard. At my sister’s place, down a thin rough road baby chickens have just hatched. It’s spring in their fields. On the other side of the world the leaves on my stoop have turned. It’s amber and gold underfoot and the air […]


Du puy lentils with beets, goat cheese and hazelnu...

‘Do you have something morally against carbs?’ This was a question posed to me on twitter the other day after I’d posted on instagram some of my meals. I’d originally been posting photos tagged as from a  ‘no carb prison’. Over time it’s softened to just a no carb place. The fact is, I have […]

Duck with roast apple sauce

Duck with roast apple sauce

Roast duck is not something I’ll often serve for supper. I’d cast it off as too rich. Too fatty. Too temperamental. Too… much. The last time I ordered roast duck was in Prague. It was either the bird, or half a pig. I thought I’d end up with a modest portion of poultry which I […]

Entertaining: chorizo, tomato, onion and hazelnut risotto

Entertaining: chorizo, tomato, onion and hazelnut ...

“At the very least have an onion frying in a pan and put some fresh lipstick on” This was some advice I was once given on how to greet a spouse at the end of a day. A veneer of gloss and a scent that could be marketed under  most good things start with this” […]

Catherine Middleton Hazelnut Hearts

Catherine Middleton Hazelnut Hearts

These sweet treats are in honour of the woman some have dubbed our next Queen of Hearts. At 29 she’ll be the oldest royal bride ever, but to her Prince we hear she’s ‘Babykins’. It’s worth noting that these are no infantile biscuits. There are touches of hazelnut and caramel for her golden eyes and […]