Coconut Quinoa with Black Beans, Kale and Blistere...

This is perfect post holiday food. If what you need is tumble together platters that can be assembled over splinters of free time, served either hot, or at room temperature, are sustaining and gluten/dairy free/suitable for Meatless Mondays/the visiting vegans – I think I can help. This coconut quinoa platter-  joyous with spiced black beans, […]


Green Pork Chilli (with grain free tacos)

It’s time to try something new. If what you came here for is a verdant twist on your Mexican chilli; sprightly with tomatillo, coriander and the warmth of orange and jalapeno, skip straight to the bottom for the recipe. If you have the bandwidth to procrastinate with an origin story, read on. I’ve resisted settling […]


Butternut Squash and Black Bean Enchiladas

Who knew it was possible to have this many feelings? This many emotions, bundled up, all of the time. They’re like a loose tumble of sticks, flimsily tethered together. Most of the time I can keep them all in check, but on occasion a stray one or two slips out and clatters to the floor. […]


Jicama, Chicken and Cashew Salad

We’ve had our share of lists. But I think I’m going to start making a new one. It’s of things that one should not say to a pregnant woman. It starts with; ‘ooh, you’re really starting to look properly pregnant now, aren’t you? Not just like you’re really bloated!’ (That one came directly from one […]


Spiced Ceviche Boats with Tiger’s Milk- Life...

Oscarsfeast 2013 Continues The film: The dish: The reason: ‘Thank you Lord Vishnu. Thank you for coming in the form of a fish and saving our lives.’ Not everyone may be as grateful as Pi to eat raw seafood for breakfast. But after floating for weeks on a raft in the Pacific with only a […]