Five Hour Lamb Shoulder

Do you need a complete fail-safe, hands off way to feed a crowd easily and elegantly? If so, I’ve got a solution for you. This five hour lamb shoulder is my default dinner party/lunch party answer- and I think it might soon be yours too. If you’re in a hurry for how-to, skip straight to […]


Pork Shoulder with Cabbage and Stone Fruit

Do you need some Germanic comfort in your life? Do you need a stoic stew that’s Teutonically thrifty, freezer friendly and coincidentally Paleo? (Gluten, refined sugar, dairy etc free). If so, I think I can help. This pressure cooked (though a slow cooker or Dutch Oven would also produce a similar result) pork, cabbage and […]


Bakewell Baked Apples

There are recipes that are the edible equivalent of a hand knitted reindeer jumper, gifted to you from your grandmother. That is, cosseting, nostalgic and a little bit too twee for smart public consumption.  This is one of those recipes. If what you need is a coincidentally gluten free, not-too indulgent pudding for a school […]


Cherry Ripple Coconut Custard (and Popsicles)

Cherry Ripple Coconut Custard (and Popsicles) If you’re having the sort of day that can only be fixed by an iced lolly, or a cosseting bowl of custard, skip straight to the recipe at the bottom. The fact that it’s dairy free/ paleo friendly/ refined sugar free/ toddler endorsed is just a bonus. What you […]


Vegan/Paleo Chai Tagine

Do you need another make ahead, vegetarian/vegan friendly/ Paleo friendly/ meal in your arsenal for when those folks drop in that isn’t a curry or bowl of pumpkin and coconut soup? If so, skip straight to the recipe at the bottom. This aromatic, slovenly easy vegetarian tagine is possibly what you’re looking for. Again, if […]