Alphabet Gulyassuppe (Gulash Soup) – The Imi...

It’s that time of year again. OscarsFeast has started! Please excuse the break in regular slow carb programming for some escapist delights. First cab off the rank of the eight films nominated for Best Picture in 2015; The Film: The Dish: The Reason: Mathematician Alan Turing(Benedict Cumberbatch) is a curious fellow. For one, he doesn’t […]


Pea, Ham and Edamame Soup

Drafted: 1.45 pm, Monday 15 December. Sydney. Comfort food means different things to different people. In this house, it’s pea and ham soup. It’s mild and coddling, thrifty and reliable. As long as there’s a tupperware of it in the freezer, I feel that everything is going to be ok. This morning I was walking […]


Smoked Paprika, Sweet Potato, Red Lentil and Chick...

There’s a great line in one of my favourite 90’s  films; ‘I never did mind about the little things’. I’m not a big one for violence – real or simulated.  (The Hungry One now refuses to watch Game of Thrones with me.  He says my squeamish squirming is too distracting. Meanwhile, I would quite like […]


Cock-a-leekie (chicken and leek soup) with rolled ...

The sky has changed. For three weeks we had a a comical winter, with Derwent Pencil Cornflower Blue horizons and borderline balmy days. It was ripe for long walks along beaches with visiting friends. It was perfect for carnival themed 40th festivities of another pal  (BYO best onesie). Nb, for anyone who feels the need […]


Chilled Honeydew, Cucumber and Mint Soup

  There are things I can no longer do. I cannot twirl without losing my balance like a drunk. I cannot sleep for more than three hours at a stretch. I cannot see piles of plates next to a sink without being overcome with a need to wash them all- right this instance- and possibly […]