Eating out – London


The Harwood Arms- Is this the best pub lunch in Lo...

It’s the holy grail. The quest for a perfect Sunday lunch in London. The shopping list shouldn’t be that hard to conquer. You want a pub with some rustic charm- yet without a sticky residue which make your pint glasses pash the table every time you try and lift one . If it’s nippy out, […]


Pollen St Social

There’s a time and a place for a big dinner out. Def: a big dinner out. I’m talking about a place where you can put on a frock and some pearls and not feel silly. Where you can drink wine out of delicate stemware. Where there’s a sommelier who will happily match something to sip […]


No. 67 Cafe and the South London Gallery

Art may be food for your muse, but a solid feed as a side order never goes astray. And it certainly helps sweeten the deal when corralling co pilots for a cultural excursion. There’s no shortage of great spaces and creative places in London. The Tate, National Portrait Gallery, Victoria and Albert, etc etc. Though […]


Shakespeare’s Globe

The play’s the thing. It’s a quote from arguably the Bard’s most famous play . It’s what’s written on the top of the set menu for pre theatre supper at the Swan Bistro, next to Shakespeare’s Globe. It’s also a good approach to an evening that involves both. For a woman who had Shakespeare chock […]



“What do you mean you haven’t been to Morito? You’ll love it. Go. Go now.” This is what a friend once said to me. And now this is what I am saying to you. It’s easy to become stuck in a rut of what you do on a lazy spare day on a weekend. It’s […]