Apple Pie Old Fashioned – Lincoln

 The film:   The dish: The reason: Before he was the President who emancipated slaves, Abraham Lincoln was a small child born into a log cabin in Hardin County, Kentucky. What follows is a drink that’s more appropriate for the man than the boy.  It’s one that accords with Euclid’s first common notion; ‘things which […]

Raspberry Elderflower Spritz

This for the days when you’d do anything for a cocktail. When you need something in a flute with a delicate stem. When all you want is something the colour of a bridesmaid’s dress. Something that tastes a little… silly. New Years is one of those times. Surely I’m not the only one who is […]


Christmas cocktails

What’s Christmas without a cocktail or two? This week The Hungry One is out at all manner of festive functions. It’s a tough life for him, being wined and dined by men in suits, trying to talk business while wearing silly hats. I had a twinge of jealousy, until I remembered what office Christmas parties […]


Royal Wedding feast – Mint Middleton Cocktai...

There are some things in life that deserve special celebration. The kind of celebration that demands a feast. And more than just a normal feast;  a thematic feast. There needs to be symbolism. There needs to be planning. Attention must be paid. The Oscars, are one such event. A Royal Wedding (full capitals intended). Now […]


Tofu smoothies

I think this is a breakfast that needs to be re branded. It needs a focus group. It needs some SMART objectives. It needs some brainstorming, with butcher’s paper and pens that will stain the sides of your index finger. In the wake of that, it might need someone to develop a proper style guide […]