Flourless Fig, Pistachio and Almond Cake

  I’ll make a deal with you. First I’m going to have a little natter about getting back into the swing of hosting after a long hiatus. Then I’m going to have a small rant. Lastly I’m going to share a charming (though a touch earnest) flourless almond cake with you- here it was deployed […]


Maple mousse/ semi freddo

Recipes, like people, don’t always arrive fully formed. I once thought that I would like to be a lawyer. My best friend was studying law. One of my grandfathers had been a lawyer. It sounded like a valiant thing to pursue. So I worked hard. I put a post it note of the mark my […]


Goat cheese soufflés

A sunken soufflé I could say it was about the figs. There were dark, oozing figs at the market which looked like a bruise. I wanted to make them better. I could say it was about the 4/5ths of a log of goat’s curd skulking in the corner of the fridge, threatening to turn yellow […]