Prosciutto, Courgette, Burrata and Basil Salad

This is happiness in a bowl. This is food to make you smile. This is food custom designed for languid meals, pink wine, easy chat and Indian summers. If what you want is the ingredients and instruction, skip to the next image at the bottom. If you have time on your hands for a group […]

Cocoa Nut Coconut Cake

Got to love a pun. Got to love cake. And together? Gold. Let’s not bury the lede on this. This is a quick as a flash, blitz it together, whizz of a dessert, particularly if you have some swift pieces of kitchen kit at your disposal (food processor/ stand mixer/ thermomix, what have you). What […]

Chilled Honeydew, Cucumber and Mint Soup

  There are things I can no longer do. I cannot twirl without losing my balance like a drunk. I cannot sleep for more than three hours at a stretch. I cannot see piles of plates next to a sink without being overcome with a need to wash them all- right this instance- and possibly […]

Cod with Chickpeas, Chorizo, Apple and Tomato

  My body needs pulses. It needs fish. It needs tomatoes. It needs apples and it needs nuts. This is a standard situation, but it’s one made more acute by what I’ve been consuming for the past twelve days. None of those are things which appear that frequently on the menus of restaurants in Bruges, […]


Brussel Sprouts, Bacon, Hazelnuts and Parmesan, Tw...

Let’s be frank about something. Brussel sprouts have a reputation problem. Most of the time they’re over steamed or boiled, which leaves them with all of the appeal of a soggy sports sock. This would probably be the time where I’d invoke some dry little anecdote about the brussel sprouts from my youth. Except they […]