Eating out – London

Breakfast at The Wolseley

There are few bastions of true civility left. Sometimes, when you’re up to your scratched elbows in flat pack furniture, and coming to the realisation that your future wardrobe will revolve around cotton shirts that button down the front and don’t require ironing (perfect for an encroaching life with a wee one) it’s nice to […]

Is This the World’s Best Bacon and Egg Roll?...

There is much to be said for the merits of a bacon and egg roll. It’s the kind of food that can bring you back from the brink. Each one contains four key components; a bread casing that has a worthy mix of fluff, char and chew, a yolk that punctures slightly under pressure, adding […]

Granger and Co

“Breakfast at Bill’s?” In Sydney it’s not a question, but an answer. Ten years ago it was the solution when you needed to escape the humdrum of still living with your parents on the north shore. All you needed to conjure a dash of possibilities- a glimpse into ‘what could be’- was to drive over […]

Vietnamese Cooking, with Uyen Luu

For all the travel we’ve indulged in, there is one country which remains a haunting sore thumb on the to-do list. It lives as a niggle in my head and a stone in my shoe. The fact that we haven’t made it to Vietnam is something of a small travesty. There is no good reason […]


Little Social

There are times when you just need a cosy night in a Parisian bistro. The need for warm baguette, yellow butter and possibly steak frites scratches. You’re not looking for much; just some comfortable banquettes, a few brass finishings and – if it’s not too much to ask for- a smile from the floorstaff. Here’s […]