Eating out – Istanbul

Is this the best baklava in Istanbul?

It’s easy to fall down a cake hole of sweets in Turkey. Before you know it you’ll be finishing every meal with a plate of syrup soused pastries or a tower of pastel cubes as soft as a toddler’s cheek. If you fancied, a piece of baklava could pose as a metaphor for time spent […]

24 hours in Istanbul

Welcome to Istanbul. Nb, before I start, you’re going to want to spend more than 24 hours here. In order to get the most out of the city; both old, new, European and Asian, I’d suggest at least two to three days.  We did five and were sad to leave. Here’s how to spend one […]

To hammam or not to hammam

My first experience in a hammam was in in Morocco. It reminded me more of an activity Dick Cheney would sign approval for than a spa treatment. The room was spartan with close walls and one hard bench to sit on. The door shut heavily from the outside.The heat was stifling. The language barrier was […]

Mandabatmaz and KronotRop – the best coffee ...

When you’re looking for sterling caffeine in Istanbul, there are two paths to follow. Both have great ends. The first, most obvious one is to stalk out the best Turkish coffee. Not the dark dreck that makes you think you’re drinking caffeinated silt, or a slick sweetened by a groaning sackful of sugar. I’m talking […]