Banana Chocolate Sour Cream Cake

I have become one of those people. One whose eyes glaze over at the mention of the dark matter, unable to focus on anything until I get my next fix. I’m talking most specifically about chocolate. If you are in the same predicament and have an urgent hankering for a chocolate loaf cake that’s refined […]

Oat Flour Emergency Brownies

Do you need an emergency brownie recipe, stat? The kind of perfectly fudgy, throw-them-together-in-one-bowl, no creaming of butter/ sugar/ melting of chocolate, self reliant squares of indulgence that can right any wrong, right now? If so, skip straight to the bottom. I have something that might help. I have been making a lot of these […]

Magical Egg-Free Chocolate Biscotti

Hold the phone. There are plenty of reasons why you should make these cookies. I’ll get to their deeply satisfying, intensely chocolate taste and brittle crumb later. But first we must address the sheer novelty in their construction. It’s best to just come out and say it.  They are made with bean juice instead of […]

Chocolate Oat Cookies

There are cookies for different occasions. These ones are for the days when you’re just not sure what to say. If that’s what your facing –  if you have a pressing need for a pliant, intensely chocolate flavoured cookie, made with unrefined brown sugar and ground oats instead of flour, skip straight to the bottom […]


Flourless Black Forest Roulade

I could spin an extended metaphor about why a roulade was the perfect cake for this occasion; about centrifugal force and how the more we spin, the more we feel glued together. (Nb, if you have no patience for things like this and just want the recipe stat, scroll to the bottom). It could be […]