Wolf of Wall Street – Dirty Martini Sashimi

The Film: The Dish The Reason: A steady diet of vodka martinis, yellowtail sashimi platters, quaaludes and cocaine. That should get you on the way to emulating the 90’s Wall Street excesses of Jordan Belfort (Leonardo di Caprio) in Scorcese’s latest three  hr epic. It’s reported that in filming the final scene between Jordan Belfort […]

Sesame Miso Snaps

There are times when you’re not sure if you need something sweet or savoury. There are times when all you crave is something with crunch. And there are times when all you want to ignite some memories of sunshine. It’s nose bitingly cold in London right now. It’s a mood that comes care of a […]

Adzuki beans with miso and greens

Pulses are good for many things, chief among them their ability to help you find your balance again. Two hours ago I was squashed on a flight from St Petersburg to London. This was what they served us for ‘breakfast’. Two stumpy, flabby berliner sausages and some powdery wedges of potato. Because I was starving […]


Japanese braised pork belly- and some notes about ...

  This is a special pork dish. While I struggled to swallow that our wedding was four years ago, I’m also grappling with the fact that it’s been four years since I wrote this about one of our favourite Japanese restaurants in Sydney. March 2008 When you get the wind knocked out of you, you […]


Cooking for one- Miso Salmon with Zucchini Noodles

Is there a more emotionally loaded phrase than, ‘cooking for one?’ To be honest most of the time when it’s just me for tea, dinner is a punnet of cherry tomatoes and a large glass of pink wine (something I’m not ashamed to admit). If I’m going to cook for myself it has to be […]