Baked Kale, Broccoli, Mint and Goat Cheese Frittat...

I’ve encountered my greatest critic. The Hungry One is a judicious and fair audience for most of what comes out of this kitchen. I know when he reaches for one of the slim scarlet bottles of hot sauce that line the fridge door like a twee game of skittles that what I’ve cooked could use […]


Mini Ham, Feta and Basil Frittatas

  Blueberry muffins. Scones, split in half topped with a squelch of strawberry jam and a tiny fist of cream. Maybe fingers of banana bread, triangles of fairy bread and the odd skewers of pastel-hued melon – where more of the juices will end lining pint sized t shirts than stomachs. Ah, the joys of […]

Welsh Rarebit French Toast

There are portholes in life when you’re adrift; not knowing if you’re coming or going. This is a dish for those moments. It’s for those murky duvets of time when you only know for sure if it’s 3 am or pm by going outside and squinting at the sky.  This is the sort of food […]


Chicken, Soft Egg, Avocado and Labna Toasts

It’s hard to know which comes first; the contentedness you clock when you’re around familiar things, or whether it’s the things themselves that deliver a sense of calm. I’ve just had my first Saturday morning back in my old flat. It’s been a strange two weeks of opening boxes and finding ghosts of my former […]

Goose Eggs with Asparagus and Ham Soldiers

Over the last four days I have born witness to four Full Englishes. We’ve been on a road trip, tracing my family’s history- first stop was Rugby- more specifically, Bilton Hall; where in the blue room, nearly 64 years ago, my Granny gave birth to my Dad. From there, we battled Bank Holiday traffic north […]