Leek and White Bean Soup

Do you need a silky bowl of soup, stat? Do you need something that is deceptively dairy free, elegant but homely, calming and pluckily thrifty? If so, then I think this slow carb twist on vichysoisse might be what you’re looking for. This leek and white bean soup, rounded with the surprising sweetness of a […]

(Dairy Free) Sweet Corn Chowder

Maybe you don’t get excited by soup. Maybe the concept of having ready-to-go, flat packed, ziplock bags of soups in the freezer ready to warm and soothe you doesn’t help you sleep soundly at night. Or maybe it does. Because soup is bowl-food at its best. If you are  placated by the notion and need […]

Carrot, Sweet Potato and Mandarin Dhal

Comfort food does not have to be a bowl of carbohydrates quivering under an equal weight of grated cheese. Granted, sometimes that is the most obvious salve, yet if you have the patience to explore further, I might be able to help.  If what you need is a freezer-friendly, feed anyone, thrifty to make, easy […]

Stay Well Soup

Who has time to be sick these days? Once upon a time, it was a release. A physical reprieve from routine. Poor fortune disguised as an invitation to retreat under the duvet with the television remote, a box set and  a pot of tea. Sick was never fun, but it could be an excellent excuse […]

Pea Soup with Potato Thyme Cream – The Theor...

The Film: The Dish: The Reason: If you can easily trace Stephen Hawking’s (Eddie Redmayne) theories of time and relativity, feel free to skip ahead to the recipe at the bottom. If like the rest of us you benefit from the relationship between space and quantum mechanics being explained by his doting wife Jane (Felicity […]