Eating out – Sydney


Porchetta, Fennel and Applecrack Toastie at Sly Su...

Stop what you’re doing. Put down your salad. Step away from your bowl of quinoa and kale. Make your way with haste to 212 Devonshire Street Surry Hills. There’s a new kid on the block in Sydney, and it’s cheekily serving one of the city’s best sandwiches. It would be easy to get distracted at […]

Three Williams

Is it possible to feel like an establishment was designed, just for you? Maybe. Three Williams may have been named for three strapping fellows in the history of this part of Sydney; William Redfern, William Chippendale and William Hutchinson- but last Saturday, it could/should have been Four Williams, as our own little Will took a […]

Ten best things I ate in Sydney, part 2

I’m back in London. We made it to the Olympic Men’s Gymnastics Qualifiers on Saturday night. It didn’t take us the three hours we feared to trek to the O2 at North Greenwich; only 25 minutes on a tube that wasn’t even as slammed as one at 8.45 am on a Monday. When we got […]

10 Best things I ate in Sydney – part 1

The party is over. The syndrome has dropped and I haven’t even left for the airport yet. Ten days, seven munchkins seen, two minibreaks done (one north, one south), one wedding, plenty of time with family, friends and a whole lot of coffee and lunches squeezed in. While I try and balance in the cocktail […]

Armchair Collective

You can never go home again. It’s a splintering thought. It’s one that could slide into a philosophical bog about the sense of home. Is it a suburb? A group of people? A collection of rooms and soft furnishings? Or is it as basic as a good coffee, toast and avocado served with an Australian […]