Five Hour Lamb Shoulder

Do you need a complete fail-safe, hands off way to feed a crowd easily and elegantly? If so, I’ve got a solution for you. This five hour lamb shoulder is my default dinner party/lunch party answer- and I think it might soon be yours too. If you’re in a hurry for how-to, skip straight to […]

Lemon Chickpea Flour Pancakes with Creamed Kale

There are dishes that are bound for breakfast, others that are destined to be lunch. Some, when they’re not eaten for supper taste like sadness (cold pizza eaten for breakfast, I’m looking at you). This is not that sort of dish. If what you need is a vegetarian bounty of greens and gluten free deliciousness […]

Lemon Poppyseed Chia Cakes

There are lots of sly jokes about what people want for Mother’s Day. Most of them don’t involve an electric foot bath, limp bunch of gerberas or a scented candle. This was one of my favourites.  It captures it all.  I’d possibly accent it with; put me on an plane with a gin and tonic […]

Flourless Coconut Lemon Curd Layer Cake

A special occasion calls for a special cake. Ten years ago, I was put in charge of sourcing such a dessert. It was for my sister’s wedding. She had just started a new job and moved back home from the other side of the world. She had perfectly planned her dress, the flowers, music, decorations […]

Flourless Lemon Coconut Tart

  This is another edible postcard of a recipe, direct from my mother’s back garden in Berry, on the south coast of NSW. It’s essentially sunlight on a plate. Will and I went for a quick jaunt and some R&R  last week. We went to check in on the horses; Stormy and Pancake. While we […]