Vegan/Paleo Chai Tagine

Do you need another make ahead, vegetarian/vegan friendly/ Paleo friendly/ meal in your arsenal for when those folks drop in that isn’t a curry or bowl of pumpkin and coconut soup? If so, skip straight to the recipe at the bottom. This aromatic, slovenly easy vegetarian tagine is possibly what you’re looking for. Again, if […]


Red Pepper, Chicken, Onion and Date Tagine

  It’s a very strange thing to realise that the being you’re harbouring can now hear.  I’ve only seen you three times – the first time you looked like a mass that had got caught in the bottom of the sink, punctuated by a heartbeat and some static. The second time, when we first saw […]


Pigeon Pastilla

It can be hard to let a holiday end. This recipe is a post card from our trip to Morocco. There were donkeys and dust. There were pulpy orange juices in the souk that tasted like shots of clear sunshine. There were hot bubbling pans of tajines, not the manic jumble of flavours that I […]


Cooking for one- Moroccan Mince with Carrots

Most of the time when it’s just me for tea, dinner is a punnet of cherry tomatoes and a large glass of pink wine (something I’m not ashamed to admit). If I’m going to cook for myself it has to be quick, easy on the cleaning up and use up most of what I buy- […]