Pork Shoulder with Cabbage and Stone Fruit

Do you need some Germanic comfort in your life? Do you need a stoic stew that’s Teutonically thrifty, freezer friendly and coincidentally Paleo? (Gluten, refined sugar, dairy etc free). If so, I think I can help. This pressure cooked (though a slow cooker or Dutch Oven would also produce a similar result) pork, cabbage and […]

Green Pork Chilli (with grain free tacos)

It’s time to try something new. If what you came here for is a verdant twist on your Mexican chilli; sprightly with tomatillo, coriander and the warmth of orange and jalapeno, skip straight to the bottom for the recipe. If you have the bandwidth to procrastinate with an origin story, read on. I’ve resisted settling […]

Szechuan Braised Pork with Star Anise and Mandarin

Stocking the freezer. This is serious business. If, in fact, your need is is so acute you have no energy for idle chat, scroll straight to the bottom for an excellent alternative to the cornucopia of bolognaise, moussaka and beef cheeks you have huddling next to your ice trays and vodka. If not, read on. […]

Pear and Apple Pulled Pork

The freezer can be a scary place.  It’s cold and dark. There are skeletons down there (literally- though mine are fowl, not foul). It’s purgatory for dinner- a place of half made meals. And now it’s time to shine a light into ours. In three days time our freezer must be empty. The fridge must […]

Red Cabbage, Fennel and Pear Slaw with Pork Chops

It takes two to tango. Back in the day when I worked in the communications department of Family Planning (now THOSE were some fun team meetings) there was a health promotion campaign with that as a key message. Now, with technology and increasingly fluid family structures, that might be a little less true than it […]