Cod with Chickpeas, Chorizo, Apple and Tomato

  My body needs pulses. It needs fish. It needs tomatoes. It needs apples and it needs nuts. This is a standard situation, but it’s one made more acute by what I’ve been consuming for the past twelve days. None of those are things which appear that frequently on the menus of restaurants in Bruges, […]

Feijoada (Brazilian Black Bean, Pork and Beef Stew...

There are dishes that come in remembrance of a place. Things like pigeon pastillas from Marrakech, fish tacos from Baja, and coconut tapioca for Phi Phi Island. In fact, there are probably enough of them to make up a book (which is now available for pre order from Amazon). And then there are dishes you […]


Chorizo Tamales (take me away)

There are some weeks when you want to run away to here more than others. Bureaucracy can do it. So can the etiquette of group emails, stubbing your toes, weeks of drenching rain, ripping the zip on your favourite boots and just a general dose of mild disappointment. There are nights when a glass of […]


Black bean, pumpkin and coconut bowl- still gettin...

  A few months ago I saw a man on the treadmill at the gym eating a Kit Kat. I wasn’t sure if it was inspired, or insane. Staying a sensible size when your days revolve around food is an interesting dilemma. It’s prompted posts like this from Niamh, and missives like this from Jay […]


Chorizo nut crumble (with pork and beans)

There are dinners that are a gamble. The risk is not whether they’ll work – most food is salvageable to a degree (when in doubt, chop it small and toss it through a frittata). It’s more about how the meal will play for an audience. It’s important to know what people hate. I keep a […]