About eatori

This blog is home to the stories of a Sydney born food writer, Tori Haschka, who grew up only wanting to eat white noodles and somehow became obsessed with cooking, eating, travel and restaurants.

It’s the story of The Hungry One (the husband), Captain Hectic (aka our son Will) and our mutual search for the best ways to eat, drink and be merry.

You can contact me via twitter (@ToriHaschka), or at victoria@haschka.com.au

Awards and other things

My second book Cut the Carbs! was published by Quadrille/Hardie Grant in 2014

First book of recipes and travel stories ‘A Suitcase and a Spatula‘ published  by RPS.

I have written for London’s Borough Markets, The Vine, The Glow, The Huffington Post, Mamamia and the Co-op Magazine.

Some things about Tori

1. Until I was a teenager, I would only eat things that were white.

2 I was born in Sydney, but there’s a part of me that will always feel like London is home.

3. If someone brings to me a cup of Earl Grey tea in bed, I’m pretty much theirs for life.

4. I met my husband when I was 21 at a lesbian bar. (It was the birthday drinks of a good friend. He was one of the black belts at their Tae Kwon Do school.)

5. I don’t call my husband “The Hungry One” because I was running out of cute nick names.

6. I have a deep and abiding love for dry rosé. It might be because it goes well with my favourite foods (cured meats, bouillabaisse, tapas), or it might just be that I’m a girl who likes pink drinks.

7. I have a pretty crazy fascination with sharks. I *may* even have a google alert for “shark attack”.

8. I was a band geek in high school. I played the flute.

9. I lasted six months of a law degree before I ran for the hills.

10. Before I was a freelance food and travel writer I worked as a communication and marketing adviser for the Australian Arts Council. I have a huge passion for Australian theatre and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts.

11. I thrive when I have a plan. The first major list in our lives was a quest to eat at the ten best restaurants in the world. That’s partly how eatori started; as a way to chronicle our adventures. We’ve ticked them all off (though we’re still paying some of them off…)

12. The major list was a ‘baby bucket list’ – it’s a short list of things we want to do before we become three. Seeing the great pyramids was one, as was living overseas, skiing over an international border and seeing the sunsets of Santorini.

13. We celebrate the Oscars in a big way. Every year we hold a festival with friends. We all try and see as much that’s nominated as possible. Everyone has to send in their predictions the day before. I create dishes inspired by each of the films nominated for best picture. We watch the ceremony together and there are perpetual trophies for who got the most picks.

14. I could never jump out of a helicopter or a plane (The Hungry One has been skydiving and used to jump out of helicopters when he was as a Bondi life saver). But I have eaten fermented shark meat in Iceland. I never need to do that again.

15. I’m lucky enough to have lived a five minute walk from one of the best food markets in the world (Borough markets in London) and to have spent a good spell of time developing recipes for them. There is no greater joy.

16. My absolute favourite song is Nina Simone’s ‘Ooh Ooh child’. My mum says she had the LP on repeat when she was feeding me as a baby.

17. My perfect comfort food is either a toasted ham and cheese sandwich or a large plate of pesto pasta. These days I function better with slower carb alternatives.

18. One of my happiest days was when I made this rhubarb, plum and yoghurt cake. And got to publicly spill the beans that my first cook book was going to be published in 2013.

19)  Actually, one of my happiest days was when my son, Will was born. I wrote and tested ‘Cut the Carbs! in the first eleven weeks of his life, with him strapped to my chest. It was brutal – and I’m not sure that a twelve week old loves being on a two week long photo shoot, but at least I action tested the thesis that the recipes in of the book can help you lose weight and give you the most energy possible.