Braised Beef with Kale

Braised Beef with Kale

Come for dinner Thursday night? I’ll make beef pie.

Excellent. I’ll bring the wine.

So was the text exchange between us and one of our oldest friends last week. Those who have been reading for long will know him as ‘Chef’ from our shared trip to El Bulli (five years on and it’s still one of those ‘pinch me, did that really happen?’ moments). He’s also now the proud owner of Sly;  one of Sydney’s best cafes- a spot where the coffee is sublime and they make some of the best toasted sandwiches in this hemisphere.

At the time of messaging spring had technically sprung,  but we were still courting the closing days …

Seven Weekly Staples

Seven Weekly Staples

New is addictive. Something shiny, something novel.

But it can also be exhausting.  Sometimes, staples are staples for a reason. They’re comforting. They work (she says after being bitterly disappointed with an experiment in triple coconut cakes yesterday, made with coconut flour and sunny with nuggets of mango. They were supposed to be the post for this week. The photos are lovely, with Sydney’s first proper taste of spring sunshine glinting through. But their texture is off. Coconut flour is a curious beast without cocoa, or almond meal to temper it. They resulting cakes are both arid and flaccid- which we can all agree is not an ideal combination in cake. …

Flourless Maple Yoghurt Rhubarb Cake


Cake is good for morale. Or, as Julia Child said; “a party without cake is just a meeting” (thank you to the lovely Loveyoubig for reminding me of that nugget of wisdom).

I’m all for finding small reasons to celebrate.

Here’s something that’s good for morale: libraries. In the local library last week, I picked up the below on a whim.

And so, at the end of  the last few grinding days with a wee one nursing a rattling cough and streaming nose  I’ve taken the first steps in my happiness project. In that open parentheses between the moment Will slips off to sleep and before dinner is served, I’ll take refuge with …