Flourless Fig, Pistachio and Almond Cake



I’ll make a deal with you. First I’m going to have a little natter about getting back into the swing of hosting after a long hiatus. Then I’m going to have a small rant. Lastly I’m going to share a charming (though a touch earnest) flourless almond cake with you- here it was deployed with figs and pistachios, but could easily be tweaked depending on the season and theme of your supper (plums, peaches, apricots, pears, raspberries, blackberries, hazelnuts, pecans and walnuts would all be worthy candidates for substitution).


I love a good dinner party. I love the planning most of all; the blank page of possibilities.  It was something we …

Fennel, Cauliflower and Leek Gratin (an ultimate slow carb steakhouse side)


Ten years ago at an Oxfam fundraising dinner, The Hungry One got a little carried away. We were slightly boozed, out with our closest friends and feeling flush. We left at the end of the night with a new addition to the household.

Over the past decade the tissue paper swaddled bottle of Penfolds Grange has been hidden safely through many raucous dinners. It’s remained undisturbed through deaths, marriages and births.

We decided it was ripe to crack. Welcome the greatest #firstworldproblem – what does one eat with the most valuable wine you’ve ever tasted?

Red meat was the general conclusion. Lamb could work, but we fixed on a classic steak night at …

Flourless (nut free) Pomegranate and Coconut Brownies


There are brownie days. Days when a meek muffin leaden with flax just won’t cut it.

Last week we had quite a few of them. There must have been a glitch in the universe, because somehow, David Bowie, circa 1986 as the Goblin King came and stole my child. He replaced him with a screeching, head thumping, small bowls of blueberry bircher muesli hurling, Mummy-slapping, Mummy BITING, nap refusing banshee. The only thing that really pleased this tiny tyrant was raising a quarter sized Yankees bat (courtesy of The Hungry One’s sojurn to New York) aloft and slamming it down on the floor. You know you haven’t had enough sleep when …