Stay Well Soup

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Who has time to be sick these days? Once upon a time, it was a release. A physical reprieve from routine. Poor fortune disguised as an invitation to retreat under the duvet with the television remote, a box set and  a pot of tea.

Sick was never fun, but it could be an excellent excuse to wallow for a while. Until you get a boss who really doesn’t give a damn about the condition you’re in. I thought I’d had some of them in the past, steely sorts who sat in glass corner offices. But now, now I really have one. My current captain is small,  pudgy of fist and determined …

OscarsFeast 2015


Here it is, a feast inspired by each of the best picture nominees for this year’s Academy Awards.

May your Oscars be golden.

The Imitation Game

Alphabet Gulyassuppe (Gulash Soup)

Recipe and reason here

The Theory of Everything

Pea Soup with Potato Thyme Cream

Recipe and reason here


Semolina Grits with Mushroom Pecan Crumble

Recipe and reason here


Chicken Drumsticks with Blistered Pepper Dipping Sauce

Recipe and reason here


Chicken Under a Brick with Gin Mayo

Recipe and reason here.

American Sniper


Hunter’s Lamb Kebabs with Hummous and Flatbreads

Recipe and reason here

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Courtesan au Chocolat

Recipe and reason here


Recipe and reason here

For a wander down memory lane of previous OscarsFeasts

Best Picture 2014

Blackberry …

S’mores Birthday Cake – Boyhood


The Film:

The Dish:

The Reason:

We celebrate the advent of years with birthday cakes. Unlike Richard Linklater’s opus ‘Boyhood’, this particular project won’t take twelve summers to complete.  Our delight in watching Mason (Ellar Coltrane) physically age from six to eighteen through the course of the film is matched by the spotlight Linklater shines on the minor milestones in Mason’s Texas childhood; bike rides, road trips, baseball games and camping trips.  It’s by a campfire in the company of Mason’s sometimes-absent father (Ethan Hawke) that we learn the key to a perfect s’more (the most American of outdoorsey treats). A perfect s’more hosts a marshmallow that is toasted until it is ‘honey …