Nori Wraps


If what you need, right now, is a swift, bread-less, slow carb solution for lunch and sunny suppers, I have the solution. Bring on the nori-wraps. You should skip right to the bottom for some explanation of how a sheet of dried seaweed is a simple substitution for  wraps and sandwiches, without the faff of having to pulverise a head of cauliflower with half a cup of ground almonds and hope you can make it stick back together.

If you’d like some explanation of ‘where in the heck have you been’, I offer you the below simple pop quiz.

Have I been

a) Sunning it up in Bali, on my first proper overseas …

Apple Berry Yoghurt Cake

  There are plenty of occasions that call for cake. Birthdays, natch. Baby showers; certainly. Weddings- absolutely. But then there’s a different kind of cake. It’s an everyday cake. If that’s what’s missing from your life- an indestructible, easily adaptable, swiftly assembled with children-or-the-quickly-bored-by cooking, then I think I can help. It’s a simple version of the classic French yoghurt gateau, which lore tells us every French bebe can make blindfolded by aged seven. I may never be able to pull of a beret, but this? This I’ve got. On its own it is a rib sticking, lovely blank canvass of a cake. In decorating terms, it’s classic white kitchen, which …

Coconut Breakfast Panna Cotta with Granola

photo 4

Do you need a holiday? Do your bones sag under the urge to escape and smell frangipanis by the sea? If you do and you can’t shirk  the apron strings of your life, may I present to you this panna cotta?

Dessert-for-breakfast is a concept I heartily endorse (see here)  as much as abandoning your responsibilities and fleeing with your oldest friends to Noosa for four days.  This breakfast panna cotta is light and tropical, dairy free (if that’s what you need) and delightful. It’s easy to prepare ahead of time (Christmas breakfast anyone?) and many health-advisers would even sing the digestive merits of increasing the presence of gelatine in your …