Breastfeeding Snacks and Post Baby Eating

Breastfeeding Snacks and Post Baby Eating

Confession: attempting to feed another human being off my own flesh has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  Granted, let’s not play the tiny violins too loudly. A sense of perspective is important.  Will and I had a great birth. The first day we came home from hospital I made  French toast croque monsieurs and felt a smidge of smug. We had this in the bag.

Until we didn’t. We had Will’s tongue tie and cleaving to navigate. There was my paltry supply and his dwindling weight. There were expensive pumps, which in my sleep deprived haze I couldn’t figure out how to assemble . There were appointments …

Cock-a-leekie (chicken and leek soup) with rolled quinoa


The sky has changed.

For three weeks we had a a comical winter, with Derwent Pencil Cornflower Blue horizons and borderline balmy days.

It was ripe for long walks along beaches with visiting friends.

It was perfect for carnival themed 40th festivities of another pal  (BYO best onesie). Nb, for anyone who feels the need to borrow, this family is now in possession of two rather ridiculous full length giraffe costumes. We didn’t interrogate the logic of what micro climate  would allow two giraffes to parent a baby polar bear too hard.

We spent our days outside, planting seedlings in the garden and willing our sketchy sections of grass to grow. Which is good. …

Flourless Chocolate Torte with Rum Raisin Syrup



There are occasions that call for blowouts. Blowouts of cocoa and booze, sometimes muddled together. If that’s what you need, then may I recommend this torte?

As for me- I think I’ll have to abstain for a little while. I may have sipped a little too much from the celebratory cup.

The book shimmied its way into the world last week. I spent Tuesday both upstairs on the phone and then in at the ABC, talking on the radio about its merits (I should have started a drinking game for how many times I exhorted; ‘this is not an austere diet book. It just means that next time you go to eat …