From Poppyseed to Pumpkin

poppyseed to pumpkin cover


It’s my latest baby (no, I’m not pregnant). Though I have had a great time tripping down memory lane during the creation of this ebook, which I hope you’ll love.

The forty week journey of growing a new human being involve a lot of changes. Some of them unique and small (what is that persistent itch above my left ankle? Why do my shoes no longer fit?). Some of them enormous (the dawning realisation; I am responsible for another being).

Food becomes weightier than ever before.  Between what you’re not supposed to eat, to what you’re supposed to eat more of, to aversions and cravings, it can be overwhelming.

Four Weeks in: …

Warm White Salad


Inspiration for dinner can come from the darnedest places. If what you’re after is a cracking recipe for your next Meatless Monday supper, something to feed the visiting vegetarians, or a lovely side for roast lamb or pan seared pink fish, click straight to the bottom. If you have some time for a little whimsy about its origins, read on.

What follows will probably be the greatest #firstworldproblem since ‘I’m scraping the bottom of the Netflix barrel’ and ‘We ran out of semi hard goat cheese’. 

It’s ‘I can’t choose a shade of white to paint the extension of the house’.

We are shin deep in the renovations. Project ‘Kitchen of Dreams’ has …

Eggless, Sugar Free, Easy-to-Remember Muesli Cookies


I used to be able to fit a lot of information in my brain. Perhaps you could too?

I could cite UN Resolution numbers and every winner of the Best Actress Oscar going back 30 years. I could remember the numbers of my two passports, NI number and tax file number and the preferred cocktails of my nearest and dearest.  I had complex pastry recipes mastered and etched on the wood paneling of my mind.

These days, I’m lucky if I can remember what 2 +5 equals and find where I put my phone.

If what you need right now is a truly idiot-proof recipe for muesli cookies, which just happen to be …