Pea, Ham and Edamame Soup


Drafted: 1.45 pm, Monday 15 December. Sydney.

Comfort food means different things to different people. In this house, it’s pea and ham soup. It’s mild and coddling, thrifty and reliable.

As long as there’s a tupperware of it in the freezer, I feel that everything is going to be ok.

This morning I was walking along Manly Beach. It’s an iconic, warm and transparent stretch of blue on the north side of the Harbour Bridge. Soon after I was singing nursery rhymes at the local library, while Will was squirming impatiently on my lap.

While singing ‘Ba Baa Black Sheep’ I didn’t hear my phone bleat with queries from loved ones both near …

Lighter, Swifter (flourless) Christmas Cake



It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas- there are toys all over the floor. But the prettiest sight I’ll see, is the cake that I will eat, when we close the baby’s door.

Once upon a time Christmas preparation was all about civility. There were carefully curated wrapping schemes (last year I was even addled enough to design our cake, to match our ribbons).

There were large pine trees erected while we sipped on Pedro Ximenez and hours lost pondering the merits of differing glazes for hams. There was such a glut of parties that by the time December 24 lurched around the very sound of champagne popping would cause my …

Flourless Coconut Lemon Curd Layer Cake


A special occasion calls for a special cake. Ten years ago, I was put in charge of sourcing such a dessert. It was for my sister’s wedding. She had just started a new job and moved back home from the other side of the world. She had perfectly planned her dress, the flowers, music, decorations and food- but the cake was entrusted to me.

On that muggy December day she took my Dad’s arm and walked down a grassy aisle towards her great love.  A few hours later we all sat in the Botanical Gardens’ restaurant under the wide eyes of fruit bats and ate slices of Simmone Logue’s famed lemon …