Mango Chicken Summer Salad


If you need to cling to summer, this is the recipe for you. This is the not-quite-succotash, mango and coconut scented, crisp bowl of frivolity that is guaranteed to lift your spirits. If your need for it (and for something to help employ the left over cold breast of chicken from yesterday’s roast) is acute, then skip straight to the recipe at the bottom. What you’ll find is a gluten/ dairy/ egg/ potentially nut free fiesta on a plate that is guaranteed to make you smile – or at least pretend for a moment that you’re somewhere tropical with your feet dangling in the wide blue yonder.

This recipe may seem …

Sweet Potato Cottage Pie


Everybody needs more midweek staples. I’m talking about the sorts of things you can pull hazily from the freezer, stash away in the oven and then sit down to a warm bowl of comfort thirty minutes later.

If you need another one to add to the rotation, that is thrifty, hearty and a whole food twist on the traditional mashed spud-topped Cottage Pie, skip straight to the bottom.

This recipe has been a good friend to me in the past week. Firstly, because we’re celebrating sweet potatoes. Our stowaway is now as long as one and she’s starting to stretch and unfurl in all sorts of ungainly postures – some of them …

Roasted Red Pepper and White Bean Dip


Sometimes you hear a phrase that resonates like a bell – it tolls on and on in your mind. The one for this week was the ‘Crudites of Futility’. It comes from the 2016 Dictionary of Modern Parenting. The Crudites of Futility are;

“A plate of curling carrot batons and shriveled cucumber slices that shouts: ‘As parents we really want our children to eat healthy but they have other ideas, however we are not prepared to admit this in public because we are very middle class.’  Forget it, no one is eating fruit and vegetables at a three year old’s party. No one.”

I am well familiar with the crudites of …