Date and Apricot Loaf


This is a functional loaf. It’s friendly and flexible and somewhat therapeutic to bake. If this is what you need right now – a well intentioned, every day cake to add to the rotation, that’s perfect for lunch boxes and slicing at 10 am and spreading thickly with something, skip straight to the recipe at the bottom.

This loaf is a project for Sundays. It’s easy to get in a rut about Sundays. Day of rest and all of that. We muddied into a stagnant habit of bunkering down, lazily making pancakes, going for a local potter-about walk and then letting the day drift past in a smug fog of domesticity; …

Cherry Ripple Coconut Custard (and Popsicles)


Cherry Ripple Coconut Custard (and Popsicles)

If you’re having the sort of day that can only be fixed by an iced lolly, or a cosseting bowl of custard, skip straight to the recipe at the bottom. The fact that it’s dairy free/ paleo friendly/ refined sugar free/ toddler endorsed is just a bonus. What you may need is to curl up in a corner with a saucepan full of wavering warm coconut anglaise and stay there until the spoon comes up empty. (No judgement). If you need an iced lolly, then you’re going to have to wait a few hours for the freezer to do its thing. Sorry.

If you have some …

Raspberry Flax Cakes


What do you do when your heart calls for cake, but your body demurs? If what you need is a strapping substitute that is meekly sweet, but still satisfying, skip straight to the recipe at the bottom. This is an easily switchable, muddle and mix bake that may be the answer to your prayers.

This has been a week that has called for cake. The weekend saw the worst storms in 40 years pummel Sydney. Coupled with a king tide, some of our favourite beach side haunts have been leveled and our backyard looks like a hoard of Wildlings used it as a site for an epic rumpus.

Will and I took …