Cucumber Boats with Tuna Salad


Do you need a protein-packed alternative to a sandwich, salad or quinoa bowl for lunch? Are you looking for something that will keep in the fridge happily for a few days and help keep the hangry-beasts at bay? Do you have nostalgic memories of tuna-salad sandwiches bought from delis, but think you could do with easing up on the bread it goes with? I think I can help. If you need an option that can easily be tweaked to dairy-free, that’s also gluten free etc, skip straight to the photo and recipe at the bottom.

I’ve been chasing quick and fresh meals this week. Cucumbers have been high on the priority …

Sweet Soy Beef with Daikon


Do you need a freezer-stocking alternative that can stand up to your default take away order of beef and broccoli? Do you need something sticky and savoury, sweet and settling that can be dressed up for a crowd, or eaten in the kitchen with a spoon? If so, I think I can help. This slow braised beef with daikon is probably what you’re looking for. If you’re in a hurry, skip straight to the recipe at the bottom.

I had every intention of making this recipe with jicama this week. A jicama, or yam bean as it is sometimes known equals the proportions of our tub-thumping stowaway. It’s a common root …

(Dairy Free) Sweet Corn Chowder


Maybe you don’t get excited by soup. Maybe the concept of having ready-to-go, flat packed, ziplock bags of soups in the freezer ready to warm and soothe you doesn’t help you sleep soundly at night. Or maybe it does. Because soup is bowl-food at its best. If you are  placated by the notion and need a summery chowder that manages to be cosseting and rich, yet deceptively dairy-free- stat- skip straight to the recipe at the bottom. This corn number is what you’re looking for.

I’ll tell you who does not get excited by soup. The Hungry One. The Hungry One does not see the point of soup at all. To …