The New Book – Cut the Carbs!


It really happened. It seems like a bit of a blur, but yet, there it is, in living colour. (And soon, if you fancy, it can be yours too). The book has a cover. It’s on Amazon. And Book Depository. And it has a release date July 3 (though you can pre order it from now).

While A Suitcase and a Spatula was a dream to write and a fantasy to research, this second book is much more real. It’s the food that we eat when we’re at home.

It’s the food that helped me gain back my health after some slippery and sad years in my twenties. It’s the food …

Cocoa Nut Coconut Cake


Got to love a pun.

Got to love cake. And together? Gold.

Let’s not bury the lede on this. This is a quick as a flash, blitz it together, whizz of a dessert, particularly if you have some swift pieces of kitchen kit at your disposal (food processor/ stand mixer/ thermomix, what have you). What else? There’s no dairy. There’s no flour. It’s even got room for that steeping-the- zeitgeist ingredient of the moment; coconut oil (though it wouldn’t suffer too much if you opted for olive or sunflower). Its flavour lives somewhere between a bounty bar and a nut studded brownie. It’s texture is like a line from a Robert Frost …

Roast Miso Pumpkin with Carrots, Onion, White Bean and Kale and Carrot Top Pesto


A meal in two chapters.

MONDAY: At least dinner was pretty. It was pleasing to look down at and it was politically correct.  There was no meat on the plate. Beyond that- it was thrifty- the tops of the heirloom purple organic carrots were re purposed in the pesto.  The seeds were pepitas- the very same seeds I wrenched from the gloopy cavern in the centre of the pumpkin. The orange orb was grown organically, locally- in my mother’s kitchen garden no less. And we even ate the skin (roughage, I guess). And there was kale on the plate (of course there was kale).

But everything else? Everything else was a little …