Easy (and Flourless) Date, Almond and Cocoa Torte



Date night. You have to have date night.  So say the ‘how to protect your marriage’ dossiers crammed into questionable corners of the internet, as if it was a fragile duckling that needed to be cosseted. I also should floss my teeth, pay some attention to my pelvic floor, put all of the insurance paperwork in a neat concertina folder and send photocopies of my will to those who are listed as secondary executors.

We promised ourselves that once we had small fry we would still make time for friends- and beyond that, each other. We would make an effort, at least once a month to get dressed nicely (what do …

Apricot and Almond Quinoa Bars


Sometimes it pays to be prepared. When you wake up and look out the window and see kingfisher blue skies, there’s no point mucking about. Sure, you could bemoan another night of splintered sleep, shuffle into the kitchen, nurse a mug of Earl Grey and try to feed a small person a bowl of bircher muesli or banana and yoghurt (or blueberries. At the moment, pretty much all Will wants to eat is salmon and blueberries. He’s like a 60 year old woman, pre facelift on the Perricone diet).

Or you could go. Getting out is good for morale. Shorts on. Sneakers on. Lob a book into the cot to distract …

Korean Beef with Enoki Noodles


It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a married woman in possession of a child must be in want of a wife.

My apologies Ms Austen for the bastardisation of your tidy prose.

But golly, wouldn’t it be lovely?

(Can we park to the side the fact that I have a terrific husband? Thanks).

But a wife! A second me! Oh the fun we would have!  (The mountains, both real and metaphorical I could climb?) I’d start the day with the twenty minutes of dry skin brushing, or meditation, or instinctive exercise that so many wellness gurus recommend, rather than having an empty bottle thrown at my head like a missile as I …