Eggplant, Chicken and Pepper Braise


This was not supposed to be another dish of braised chicken. I had every intention of celebrating eggplants this week by stuffing them with a spiced jumble of vegetables and pulses then baking them until thigh quiveringly soft. Except then life got in the way. And so I returned to an old staple formula. If what you need is another variation on a mostly-one-pot, gluten free, easily dairy free, slow carb, veggie packed, happy to freeze, feed a crowd, no need for a salad on the side because the greens are there in the bowl supper, skip straight to the recipe at the bottom.

I had grand visions of recreating Imam …

Grapefruit and Blood Orange Olive Oil Cake


There are everyday cakes and there are special occasion cakes.  And then there are the rare breeds. These are the cakes that are the black jersey dress in your cupboard- the kind that can be comfortable and casual and at home on the couch, or serve just fine at a semi-formal do, so long as you pair it with the right kind of accessories. If you need another one of those cakes, that is  humming with pink grapefruit and blood oranges, that can be made gluten/dairy free and refined sugar free, then this Grapefruit, Blood Orange Olive Oil number may be what you’re seeking. If you need it right now, …

Carrot, Sweet Potato and Mandarin Dhal


Comfort food does not have to be a bowl of carbohydrates quivering under an equal weight of grated cheese. Granted, sometimes that is the most obvious salve, yet if you have the patience to explore further, I might be able to help.  If what you need is a freezer-friendly, feed anyone, thrifty to make, easy to transform new staple, then this sweet potato, carrot, yellow split pea and mandarin (yes, mandarin) dhal may prove golden (in more ways than one). It’s something that is often stored in plastic ziplock bags in the third drawer of my freezer, gently hibernating until it gets corralled into duty. It’s something that is very …