Coffee Barbecue Sauce


What do you do with your used coffee grounds? Do they go into the compost? Into the garden to help repel slugs? Do you use them to cut through the grease in your sink after making curry? (True story- they excel as a cleaning helper).

I’ve been thinking about this a bit at the moment. Partly, because we go through a lot of them. And partly because I’ve taken on a fun gig, with the truly novel title of ‘Coffee Curator’ for this year’s TEDxSydney Conference at the Sydney Opera House. If there’s anything better than combining the TED talks format, with a location as iconic as the Opera House, with …

Lemon Poppyseed Chia Cakes


There are lots of sly jokes about what people want for Mother’s Day. Most of them don’t involve an electric foot bath, limp bunch of gerberas or a scented candle.

This was one of my favourites.

 It captures it all. 

I’d possibly accent it with; put me on an plane with a gin and tonic in my hand, fly me anywhere (but preferably somewhere grand), let me wear silk and not worry about sticky fingers, let me carry a bag that isn’t littered with rogue teaspoons chubby hands have shoplifted from babycino expeditions in the base, let me order a coffee without a babycino on the side for heaven’s sake (I half swallow …

Dairy and Egg Free Chocolate Pomegranate Mousse


If you day is that dire that you just need chocolate, scroll to the bottom for the recipe. Stat.

If you have time for shilly shallying, read on. These dense pomegranate chocolate pots can bring you back from the brink. I promise. I’m sending you a postcard from there.

I’m sending a post card from a place where toddlers are welcoming eye teeth and nursing rattling coughs and sticky colds (which they’re happy to share). Where the reason they’re repeatedly slamming their head against the floor is because you, their dastardly mother, dared to deny them the pleasure of drinking hand sanitiser.

It’s a place of weeks of torrential rain, missing electricity and …