Roast Tomato, Pesto, Bocconcini and Lentil Salad


We all have kryptonite foods. It’s the stuff we secretly make when we think nobody is watching, or caring. It’s the fodder we use to refuel when we’re flagging. And it’s very rarely that great for us.  The Hungry One’s is chicken schnitzel. Anytime he’s away on business, or left alone for a spell you can be sure he’ll slink his way to an ersatz Eastern European themed beer barn and order a schnitzel the size of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s head. And mine are toasted sandwiches. Sometimes a simple croque monsieur, with good ham and properly melted cheese (a spike of Dijon in the bechamel is a bonus). And others it’s …

Sparse Cupboard Sesame Noodles

Sparse Cupboard Sesame Noodles

There are days when you think the cupboard is bare and you just, for the life of you cannot make it out to forage for more. If what you need is a swift stop-gap to keep the wobbles away, then skip straight to the recipe at the bottom.

This is a dish for those sorts of days. It’s for when you’re poorly, but know in your heart of hearts that you’ll feel a little better when you eat something. It’s for when you’re stranded at home waiting for a trades person who gave you a six hour window of potential appearance- and hasn’t arrived by hour 5 and three quarters. It’s …

Chicken, Leek, Porcini and Poppyseed Pie


This is an excellent chicken pie. It’s what I made for Mother’s Day in some muted moments of contemplation in the kitchen. If you swiftly need a pie that takes inspiration from the cosseting chicken casseroles of the deep south (poppyseeds and all), but isn’t topped with broken Jatz/Ritz crackers and chubby with cans of cream of chicken soup (I’m deadly serious), skip straight to the photos and recipe at the bottom.

But first, a little prattling. Mother’s Day this year gave me a brief period of intense navel gazing. Here we are, nearly three years on from when I first took my own tottering steps into this role. It’s an …