Blueberry Quinoa Cookies


Has it always been this hard to get it right?

(Firstly, for those of you who find my habit of writing a missive about life and how it connects to what I’m cooking tiresome, feel free to jump straight to the recipe at the bottom).

Right, back to it then. Particularly when it comes to what we use to fuel ourselves I’m finding the choices increasingly loaded. A morning snack is no longer simple fodder, it can be self defining- particularly if scoffed in public or shared with offspring. We are what we eat. (Though it seems these days in many more ways we are what we won’t eat).

In one respect; bravo. …

Tomato, Tarragon and Sweet Onion Salad

Tomato, Tarragon and Sweet Onion Salad

Some things are acquired tastes.  Learning to appreciate them is like adolescence; it can be a spotty time, but once you’re through to the other side a new horizon opens up.

For me those tastes were anything bitter or aniseed. The bite of Campari is a prime example. I really came to appreciate it about six  years ago when I was sidelined by an ugly flu in Florence. Over four days of aperitivos on the roof of the Continentale I came to love its slightly medicinal flavour. Over time I cut down the sweetness of the accompanying citrus from a sunset orange slosh of orange juice to just a simple twirl …

Flourless Espresso Brownies


Where would we be without coffee? I’m serious about this. It’s been a great friend to me. The dark art of caffeine has fueled me through two degrees and two books. The quest for a perfect cup took us around the world, finding surprisingly stellar spots in Reykjavik and Istanbul, as well as London. It’s an ingredient I’ve put to work in combinations as curious as aiolli with artichokes and jamon (a version of this is also in Cut the Carbs as red-eye aiolli, a twist on the Southern tradition of red eye gravy)  and our espresso and Pedro Ximenex Christmas pudding. It’s also something that has helped keep me …