One Pot Ratatouille with Chickpeas


I’m a pretty easy, cheap date. Sure, you can fly me to the other side of the globe and take me out to dinner. You can seat me at one of the best restaurants in the world- happily. Heck, if you even felt like you needed to make a list of the top ten restaurants in the world and make a project of going to all of them, I’ll cheerfully tag along. I’ll wear a nice dress and novelty sized earrings and make civilised conversation about the relative mousse of the bubble in the champagne served with amouse bouche. I’ll be appropriately awed.  I’ll eat my soup the right way …

Flourless Lemon Coconut Tart



This is another edible postcard of a recipe, direct from my mother’s back garden in Berry, on the south coast of NSW. It’s essentially sunlight on a plate.

Will and I went for a quick jaunt and some R&R  last week. We went to check in on the horses; Stormy and Pancake. While we were in residence the equine dentist came to visit. Unbeknownst to all of us, Stormy had been suffering with an ulcer on his right cheek. Will was sure to watch on while he ate afterwards, to make sure that he was ok.

We went to amble down country lanes …

Braised Beef with Kale

Braised Beef with Kale

Come for dinner Thursday night? I’ll make beef pie.

Excellent. I’ll bring the wine.

So was the text exchange between us and one of our oldest friends last week. Those who have been reading for long will know him as ‘Chef’ from our shared trip to El Bulli (five years on and it’s still one of those ‘pinch me, did that really happen?’ moments). He’s also now the proud owner of Sly;  one of Sydney’s best cafes- a spot where the coffee is sublime and they make some of the best toasted sandwiches in this hemisphere.

At the time of messaging spring had technically sprung,  but we were still courting the closing days …