Magical Egg-Free Chocolate Biscotti


Hold the phone.

There are plenty of reasons why you should make these cookies. I’ll get to their deeply satisfying, intensely chocolate taste and brittle crumb later. But first we must address the sheer novelty in their construction. It’s best to just come out and say it.  They are made with bean juice instead of egg. I apologise for the use of the phrase bean-juice. There is something squelchingly wrong about it.

Yet, this is sheer genius. You know that gloop in a tin of chickpeas or white beans? The stuff that in every single slow carb recipe I’ve ever written I tell you to rinse off down the sink?

Stop. Stop doing …

Blackberry Apple Oat flour Muffins


We have reached peak porridge consumption.

If what you need in your life is a breezy, wheat free portable breakfast or mid morning snack that’s busy with fruit and plumped with ground flax and oats, skip straight to the bottom. If you have a few minutes for context, scroll forth.

Making porridge to share with a toddler is a soothingly simple ritual.

Unlike other attempts at combined cooking, porridge is relatively indestructible. Last night an effort to indulge in the tactile delights of rolling chickpea flour pasta together resulted in five enthusiastic yells of ‘ROLL ROLL ROLL!’ (he has determined it must be said in triplicate, it appears), two pleasant minutes of folding …

Lion Birthday Cake with Allergy Friendly Coconut Flour Cupcakes


This is the story of two cakes. Well, actually three.

This is the story of a beguilingly simple children’s birthday cake, which is the answer to so many problems.

What do I make for my apex predator snob of a son? (His shortlist of preferred cakes ran to two; lion and shark). What’s something celebratory I can bake for a gathering of small people which won’t send them over the roof in a sugar high?  (one teaspoon of honey is enough to induce my son to deploy the couch as a trampoline for twenty minutes). What can I make which not only tastes good, but is safe for the small people coming …