Luxe Rocky Road



Are you in need of something ridiculously easy, melt and mix, niftily dairy and gluten free to make as treats for the holiday gifting/ just to help keep your own sanity in keel while you scoff it in the pantry? If so, I think I can help. This luxe rocky road has been helping with lots of things as of late. If you’re in need of the recipe, stat, skip straight to the matching photo at the bottom. If you’re after some chat and endorsements and a little apology for WHERE DID THE LAST THREE MONTHS GO (?), read on.

So, somehow it got to be December. We’re still here, I …

Black Bean, Chicken, Chorizo and Quinoa Mexican Soup


Are you in a cooking rut? Do you need something to mix up the midweek staples? Do you have a can or two of black beans in the pantry that you should put to use (and don’t fancy making this old favourite of a chocolate cake?)  If so, I think I can help. This pressure cooker/slow cooker friendly, blurble-on-the-stove-for-a-few-hours friendly one-pot-wonder is what you’re looking for. It’s mildly spiced with Mexican aromas (so mild that even my baby ate it), but can easily be punched up at the table for those who like a bit more excitement in their bowl. It’s warm and soft and all those good things.  It’s …

Beef, Stout and Swede Stew


How’s your winter going? Do you love it as much as I do? (insert sarcastic face here). If you’re in need of a hug-from-the-inside, warming braise, that happens to be dairy free, make your house smell like a ski chalet, puts to use those rogue swedes you saw at the market and can also be multi-tasked as a pie filling the next day, then this Beef, Swede and Stout stew might be just what you’re looking for. If you’re very busy and important, skip straight to the matching photo at the bottom for the recipe. If you have some time to kill, read on. 

Here are some things about winter that blow. …