Chickpea Flour Pizza


This is it. Finally, we have it. A wheat free, slow carbohydrate pizza that doesn’t involve blitzing cauliflower into rubble and trying with all your might to make it stick back together. Chickpea flour plus the brilliant soldering properties of psyllium husk and a little flaxseed for goodness are all that it takes. There’s no kneading, just a simple process of allowing a little yeast to bloom, then stirring it all together until a sturdy dough forms. This is not an earnest interpretation of ‘pizza’ that requires you to eat it with a knife and fork, like a salad- desperately hoping that your vegetables will adhere to the base. This …

Seven Layer Flourless Trifle


Traditions can form swiftly.  This is the story of a trifle which is actually anything but. If what you need is seven layers of alternating jelly, torte, fruits, citrus curds, whipped cream and toasted coconut shards, quickly flick to the bottom. If you have time for for some context read on.

Time is not a fickle fancy for the folk this dessert fed. 

There’s a clutch of us who have sat down for lunch together for more two decades now. The days have been long, but the years have been short. In the beginning it was in uniform blackwatch tartan skirts on cold asphalt sheltering next to brutal brick red walls. Now …

Chocolate Oat Cookies


There are cookies for different occasions. These ones are for the days when you’re just not sure what to say.

If that’s what your facing –  if you have a pressing need for a pliant, intensely chocolate flavoured cookie, made with unrefined brown sugar and ground oats instead of flour, skip straight to the bottom for the recipe. If you have a little time on your side, read on.

Celebratory cookies are an easy fix.  They’re ebullient and silly, sticky with sweetness and mottled with mix ins. I’m talking about cookies like these indulgent white chocolate and raspberry ones.  (Recipe here).

Functional cookies are a simple matter. They’re designed to address the issue …