Flourless Black Forest Roulade

Flourless Black Forest Roulade

I could spin an extended metaphor about why a roulade was the perfect cake for this occasion; about centrifugal force and how the more we spin, the more we feel glued together. (Nb, if you have no patience for things like this and just want the recipe stat, scroll to the bottom).

It could be about how when I think about the birthdays I’ve celebrated with my husband (there have been twelve of them now) the memories twirl over the globe; from Palm Beach, and the Gold Coast to LA, Lisbon, London, Dubrovnik, Baden Baden and back to Sydney. There have been platters of charcuterie consumed next to B grade celebrities, …

Sticky Plum Chicken Drumsticks


Simple food is best. Not all the time, natch. There’s a time and a place for veloutes, textured shards and confit. Certainly if someone else is going to make it for you (or clean the kitchen). But when you’re limping along, it’s best to think in simple trios and quadrants.

So if what you’re after is a beguilingly easy refined sugar free plum sauce that’s perfect for gilding chicken drumsticks, skip straight to the bottom. If you’ve got the wherewithal for more, read on. 

I can hardly bring myself to type it I’m so bored by it all, but we’ve been sick. Again. For those who were ever agnostic on the matter, …

Flourless Peanut Butter and Honey Cookies


I’m going to put it all the way upfront, because if you find out at the bottom, you might get twitchy and suspicious. There are lentils in these cookies. Yes, lentils. No flour, just lentils and some ground oats – not that you’d know it from the ‘snickers really satisfies’ taste that comes from muddling peanuts with honey. So if all you want is a chewy, hunger-slaying snack without any refined sugar and a good hit of smuggled protein, skip to the recipe at the bottom. If you’re after something more, read on.

Why are there lentils in these cookies? Because my baby has been good for many things; my sense …