Vegan/Paleo Chai Tagine


Do you need another make ahead, vegetarian/vegan friendly/ Paleo friendly/ meal in your arsenal for when those folks drop in that isn’t a curry or bowl of pumpkin and coconut soup? If so, skip straight to the recipe at the bottom. This aromatic, slovenly easy vegetarian tagine is possibly what you’re looking for.

Again, if you have time for nattering, read on.

There are things that I do when The Hungry One goes away (short trip this time within Australia, but still absent for the lion’s share of the week).

I make a batch of microwave quinoa and buy a large bunch of Tuscan kale. I eat swift renditions of bowl-food, cross legged …

Beef Stroganoff (with a dairy free option)


This is about comfort food, which came from an uncomfortable start. It’s an edible postcard of cosseting after awkwardness.  If what you need right now is a trusty recipe for 80’s nostalgia, with a dairy free/ paleo etc hack then skip to the recipe at the bottom. Otherwise, read on.

My previous experiences of awkwardness and adventure involved procuring Russian visas without a travel agent (as stilted as Chekovian dialogue) , and toiling to find a restaurant in St Petersburg, when jet lagged, completely unable to read street signs (Cyrillic signs will do that to you) lost and befuddled by the eerie gleam of white nights. That first night in Russia …

Allergy Friendly Cupcakes and Frosting

Allergy Friendly Cupcakes and Frosting

Love might mean never having to say you’re sorry (really???). But in the mind of a two year old, it also means having snacks that you can share. If what you need is a vegan/dairy free/ egg free/ nut free/ soy free/ refined sugar free/ allergy friendly cupcake solution, skip to the image at the bottom, quick sticks.

Update: Will is currently caught up in a tempestuous toddler love triangle. The objects of his affection happen to be best friends (he’s asking for trouble right there). One is luminously blonde and cheeky as heck, the other olive skinned, delightfully imperious and frequently refers to herself in the third person. Sometimes …