Beef, Stout and Swede Stew

How’s your winter going? Do you love it as much as I do? (insert sarcastic face here). If you’re in need of a hug-from-the-inside, warming braise, that happens to be dairy free, make your house smell like a ski chalet, puts to use those rogue swedes you saw at the market and can also be […]

Osso Bucco with Kale and Olives

Are you after a twist on osso bucco to add to your arsenal? Do you need something to put to use the tub of olives your four year old insisted you buy in the grocery store, but has since refused to eat? Do you need a rib sticking, comforting slow braise that can easily satisfy […]

Sweet Soy Beef with Daikon

Do you need a freezer-stocking alternative that can stand up to your default take away order of beef and broccoli? Do you need something sticky and savoury, sweet and settling that can be dressed up for a crowd, or eaten in the kitchen with a spoon? If so, I think I can help. This slow […]

Beef Stroganoff (with a dairy free option)

This is about comfort food, which came from an uncomfortable start. It’s an edible postcard of cosseting after awkwardness.  If what you need right now is a trusty recipe for 80’s nostalgia, with a dairy free/ paleo etc hack then skip to the recipe at the bottom. Otherwise, read on. My previous experiences of awkwardness […]

Chocolate Walnut and Honey Torte

  Is there such a thing as bad cake? It’s a contradiction in terms; like a bad holiday. (Nb, if you’re very busy and important and just want a short spiel about the torte and the recipe, jump to the bottom). I’ve been turning to the comfort of crumbs a bit in the last week. […]