Luxe Rocky Road

    Are you in need of something ridiculously easy, melt and mix, niftily dairy and gluten free to make as treats for the holiday gifting/ just to help keep your own sanity in keel while you scoff it in the pantry? If so, I think I can help. This luxe rocky road has been […]

Soothing Vegan Curry

There are things that are eminently useful to keep on hand. A tupperware of cooked quinoa- sure. A canister of rolled oats- absolutely. A freezer with crannies hosting limpid bananas, ripe for blitzing into breads and bakes – certainly. And a ‘serves all’ vegan curry will always be a gift to yourself. (If that’s what […]

No Bake Sesame Bars

It’s all about perspective, isn’t it? If what you need is a recipe for a nut free /Paleo/dairy free/vegan/refined sugar free/gluten free/ grain free/ egg free etc etc snack bar, skip straight to the bottom. If you have the patience for context, scroll on. There are some phone calls you never want to get. Some […]

Nori Wraps

If what you need, right now, is a swift, bread-less, slow carb solution for lunch and sunny suppers, I have the solution. Bring on the nori-wraps. You should skip right to the bottom for some explanation of how a sheet of dried seaweed is a simple substitution for  wraps and sandwiches, without the faff of […]

Green Pork Chilli (with grain free tacos)

It’s time to try something new. If what you came here for is a verdant twist on your Mexican chilli; sprightly with tomatillo, coriander and the warmth of orange and jalapeno, skip straight to the bottom for the recipe. If you have the bandwidth to procrastinate with an origin story, read on. I’ve resisted settling […]