Dairy and Egg Free Chocolate Pomegranate Mousse

If you day is that dire that you just need chocolate, scroll to the bottom for the recipe. Stat. If you have time for shilly shallying, read on. These dense pomegranate chocolate pots can bring you back from the brink. I promise. I’m sending you a postcard from there. I’m sending a post card from […]

Flourless (nut free) Pomegranate and Coconut Brown...

There are brownie days. Days when a meek muffin leaden with flax just won’t cut it. Last week we had quite a few of them. There must have been a glitch in the universe, because somehow, David Bowie, circa 1986 as the Goblin King came and stole my child. He replaced him with a screeching, […]

Chocolate Walnut and Honey Torte

  Is there such a thing as bad cake? It’s a contradiction in terms; like a bad holiday. (Nb, if you’re very busy and important and just want a short spiel about the torte and the recipe, jump to the bottom). I’ve been turning to the comfort of crumbs a bit in the last week. […]

Flourless Espresso Brownies

Where would we be without coffee? I’m serious about this. It’s been a great friend to me. The dark art of caffeine has fueled me through two degrees and two books. The quest for a perfect cup took us around the world, finding surprisingly stellar spots in Reykjavik and Istanbul, as well as London. It’s […]

Easy (and Flourless) Date, Almond and Cocoa Torte

  Date night. You have to have date night.  So say the ‘how to protect your marriage’ dossiers crammed into questionable corners of the internet, as if it was a fragile duckling that needed to be cosseted. I also should floss my teeth, pay some attention to my pelvic floor, put all of the insurance […]