Royal Wedding feast – Mint Middleton Cocktails

There are some things in life that deserve special celebration.

The kind of celebration that demands a feast. And more than just a normal feast;  a thematic feast. There needs to be symbolism. There needs to be planning.

Attention must be paid.

The Oscars, are one such event.

A Royal Wedding (full capitals intended). Now that is another.

I remember the wedding of Prince Andrew and Fergie pretty clearly.  I remember excitedly draping necklaces over my head to fashion a tiara and practicing walking up an aisle, slowly dragging one foot up to meet the other.

These days I get my kicks from the associated pomp and  ceremony in slightly more practical ways.

So, over the next two weeks I’ll be rolling out a five course Royal Wedding themed feast. I hope you’ll enjoy it, and the day itself -whether you’ll be joining me in a park somewhere in London, or just playing along at home (necklaces on the head are optional).

The dish: Mint Middleton Cocktails

In honour of: Michael and Carole Middleton

It can’t be easy being the parents of the bride. You might need to have a nip of something strong to get you through the day.  Particularly if there are going to be more than two billion people watching as you walk your daughter down the aisle.

These cocktails  are in honour of Catherine’s parents.

Carole and Michael met when they were both working for British Airways;  he as a flight dispatcher and she as a flight attendant.  These days they run a mail order party supply company. (The choice of whether  your novelty umbrellas come from their online portal; Party Pieces  is up to you).

In these muddled mixers there’s a good dash of Gordon’s (British Airways house gin) and a splash of tonic for some froth and bubble.  There’s some lime and passionfruit to keep it zesty.  All you need is a good mash of mint and you’ve got a drink that’s as much of  a breath of fresh air as a lass from the middle class joining the world’s most famous monarchy.

Mint Middleton Cocktails
(makes 1)

1 novelty cocktail umbrella
1 plastic tumbler or Tom Collins glass
1 muddling stick (or end of a rolling pin)
Handful of crushed ice

Shopping/ foraging

1 shot of gin
½ cup of tonic water
½ lime
Pulp of one passionfruit
12 mint leaves
(Optional: 1 teaspoon of caster sugar)

Here’s how we roll:

1. Halve the passionfruit and scoop out the pulp.
2. Muddle the passionfruit pulp, mint leaves and the gin with the end of the rolling pin to bruise the mint. If you prefer a sweeter drink, add the sugar before you start muddling.

3. Add crushed ice and top up with tonic water.
4. Add a squeeze of lime. Don’t forget to affix a party umbrella jauntily to the side of the cup.

For other items in the Royal Wedding Feast:

Her Majesty’s Cucumber Chicken Crowns 

Prince William Pork Wellington

Prince Harry Spiced Ginger Relish

Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall’s Organic Lemon Curd and Strawberry Parfait

Catherine Middleton Hazelnut Hearts

  1. Sounds refreshing!! Oh and I'm obsessed with this wedding (so much so in fact that hubby bought me a replica ring!!). I look forward to reading your following posts 🙂

  2. I would happily down a few of these even though I have no daughters to give away. Is the drink and umbrella meant to be served in a plastic cup?:) Sorry couldn't help it

  3. Excellent – good to see you've specified a novelty cocktail umbrella. Too many cocktails come unadorned these days. There not as much fun without the umbrella.

  4. The plastic cup harks back to the aeroplane drink, right?
    Love this – can't wait to knock a few together (and back!).

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