Breakfast in a new house

There are two exiting things about our new place.

One, is that there’s a gym right downstairs. Considering our proximity to the cheese at Neal’s Yard Dairy, that’s a good thing.

The second, is that yesterday a small box of household appliances, deemed ‘essential’ arrived. We’re learning to deal without R2D2 (the coffee machine). We’re learning to live without the mixmaster, the coffee roaster and the fire barbecue (if this isn’t the greatest ‘first world whinge in the northern hemisphere, I’ll be darned).

But there was one appliance both The Hungry One and I agreed would greatly contribute to our quality of life here: a panini press/toasted sandwich maker/what-have-you thing.


1)When I’m feeling a little dusty, nothing perks me up like a toasted ham, cheese and tomato sandwich. I think this is genetic.

2)The kitchen here has an electric hob, which has such a capricious nature that I’m sure it will demand carols be sung to it in Danish before it bends to my will.

3)These compact little critters are capable of cooking so much more than pieces of bread.

We clocked onto this fact after an excess of visits to The Wine Library in Sydney, where most of the food seems to be finished on a very large press. Eggs, bacon, bread, scallops- you name it, they cook it on it. I like the way they think.

So here it now is, taking pride of place on our limited benchtop.

And this morning, the lure of toasted oatcake wraps with scrambled egg, goats cheese and chorizo cooked on it was strong enough to stop us turning up for the 8.30 am spin class downstairs.

Who am I kidding- I was never going to a spin class. But let me tell you, the oatcakes were good.

Panini toasted oatcake wraps with scrambled egg, goats cheese and chorizo

Shopping/ foraging

Oatcakes, or tortilla wraps
1 small chorizo
2 eggs
1 tablespoon of goat’s curd
A handful of cherry tomatoes

Here’s how we roll

1.Take an oatcake. These are a new discovery, from the delights of the aforementioned Neal’s Yard Dairy. Not quite a pancake, not quite a wrap and with a smell and a texture like a squished wholemeal crumpet.

They fold, they crisp and they’re fantastic with cheese.

2. Put the oatcake in one corner of the press (which is open) and allow it to warm up.

3. Meanwhile, slice a small chorizo into nuggets slightly thicker than a pound coin. Line them down one side of the press to crisp. They’re going to throw a little oil. This is good. Now it’s time for the eggs. NB, I wouldn’t dare to attempt scrambling eggs on the press unless you have good faith in its non-stick capabilities. It’s not like this is something you can just chuck in the sink. Luckily, I do. And luckily our press has a slight upwards lip to prevent any overflow.

4. So scramble two eggs lightly in a bowl and pour them onto the press, moving them around slightly so they intermingle but don’t clump into tight puckered buds.

5. When the eggs are half way done, convince them to move onto one half of the oatcake with a rubber topped spatula.

6. Add the grilled chorizo over the top of the egg and some dollops of fresh goats curd. Gently fold the top half of the oatcake over like an omelette and lower the press so it gently toasts the top and melts the cheese.

7. Serve with some fresh tomato and promise yourself that you’ll head to the gym this afternoon. You really will.

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