Cauliflower, Sumac and Fig Salad

Do you need a grain free/ dairy free salad to take to a pot luck? Do you need a strapping side dish to sit happily alongside a slow roasted shoulder of lamb, barbecued side of salmon, or spatchcocked chickens? Do you want something that’s going to use up some of the sumac you bought a few […]


Honeydew Melon Carpaccio with Courgette, Labna and...

 It’s now properly hot in Sydney. Do you need an elegant cooling salad to put on your table? Do you need something that is gluten free/ vegetarian/ but will also pair beautifully with a glazed ham, pork fillet, griddled bread or spatchcocked spiced chickens? Do you need something that will use up the half a […]


Mango Chicken Summer Salad

If you need to cling to summer, this is the recipe for you. This is the not-quite-succotash, mango and coconut scented, crisp bowl of frivolity that is guaranteed to lift your spirits. If your need for it (and for something to help employ the left over cold breast of chicken from yesterday’s roast) is acute, […]


Roast Tomato, Pesto, Bocconcini and Lentil Salad

We all have kryptonite foods. It’s the stuff we secretly make when we think nobody is watching, or caring. It’s the fodder we use to refuel when we’re flagging. And it’s very rarely that great for us.  The Hungry One’s is chicken schnitzel. Anytime he’s away on business, or left alone for a spell you […]


Prosciutto, Courgette, Burrata and Basil Salad

This is happiness in a bowl. This is food to make you smile. This is food custom designed for languid meals, pink wine, easy chat and Indian summers. If what you want is the ingredients and instruction, skip to the next image at the bottom. If you have time on your hands for a group […]