Coconut Breakfast Panna Cotta with Granola

Do you need a holiday? Do your bones sag under the urge to escape and smell frangipanis by the sea? If you do and you can’t shirk  the apron strings of your life, may I present to you this panna cotta? Dessert-for-breakfast is a concept I heartily endorse (see here)  as much as abandoning your […]

Seven Layer Flourless Trifle

Traditions can form swiftly.  This is the story of a trifle which is actually anything but. If what you need is seven layers of alternating jelly, torte, fruits, citrus curds, whipped cream and toasted coconut shards, quickly flick to the bottom. If you have time for for some context read on. Time is not a […]

Raspberry, Pear and Apple Slow Carb Crumble

This is in praise to things that are slow. Slow carbohydrates- sure. Lazy afternoons pottering by the stove- absolutely (nb, if that’s what you’re most interested in- and a nifty and sustaining refined sugar free crumble, then click straight for the bottom). If you’ve got time on your side for a little natter, pull up […]

Dairy and Egg Free Chocolate Pomegranate Mousse

If you day is that dire that you just need chocolate, scroll to the bottom for the recipe. Stat. If you have time for shilly shallying, read on. These dense pomegranate chocolate pots can bring you back from the brink. I promise. I’m sending you a postcard from there. I’m sending a post card from […]

Flourless Blueberry Banana Bread

  Back to the daily grind. Holidays are hard to leave behind, even if they’re largely spent in your own home. In your future memories, you skim over the gritty bits. You forget the morning march of ants stalking the watermelon you’re slicing in the kitchen.  You omit the nightly feeling of a sunburned shin […]