boy food

Chickpea Flour Pizza

This is it. Finally, we have it. A wheat free, slow carbohydrate pizza that doesn’t involve blitzing cauliflower into rubble and trying with all your might to make it stick back together. Chickpea flour plus the brilliant soldering properties of psyllium husk and a little flaxseed for goodness are all that it takes. There’s no […]

Coffee Barbecue Sauce

What do you do with your used coffee grounds? Do they go into the compost? Into the garden to help repel slugs? Do you use them to cut through the grease in your sink after making curry? (True story- they excel as a cleaning helper). I’ve been thinking about this a bit at the moment. […]

Black Forest Trifle with Chocolate Crackle Crust

It’s not that hard to please The Hungry One. Easy options; take him for a walk along a beach, put a strong flat white coffee within reach or give him a good chunk of sleep in a bed big enough to stretch out in. And when it comes to his birthday? Every year, it’s same […]

Steak Tagliata with Lentils and Mushrooms

  This is a meal for modest celebrations. It’s about that time. I think I’m officially on maternity leave. Well, at least until January, when the edits for the book come back. It’s strange to be starting your maternity leave when your baby is 15 weeks old- right about the time when others are slinking […]

Welsh Rarebit French Toast

There are portholes in life when you’re adrift; not knowing if you’re coming or going. This is a dish for those moments. It’s for those murky duvets of time when you only know for sure if it’s 3 am or pm by going outside and squinting at the sky.  This is the sort of food […]