Sticky Plum Chicken Drumsticks

Simple food is best. Not all the time, natch. There’s a time and a place for veloutes, textured shards and confit. Certainly if someone else is going to make it for you (or clean the kitchen). But when you’re limping along, it’s best to think in simple trios and quadrants. So if what you’re after […]

Chicken, Mushroom, Sweet Potato and Borlotti Bean ...

It’s time for food in bowls. Food that whispers away on the hob and then is portioned out and enjoyed with a single piece of cutlery. Food that allows you to curl you knees up underneath you on the couch and nurse a glass of red wine. Fodder that is the consumable parable of a […]

Chicken Drumsticks with Blistered Pepper Dipping S...

The Film: The Dish: The Reason: How far is too far to be pushed towards greatness? It’s a question that will plague you after viewing the torment that Terence Fletcher (J.K Simmons) throws at aspiring jazz percussionist Andrew Neimann (Miles Teller) in Whiplash. You may also not have the stomach for the sight of more […]

Cock-a-leekie (chicken and leek soup) with rolled ...

The sky has changed. For three weeks we had a a comical winter, with Derwent Pencil Cornflower Blue horizons and borderline balmy days. It was ripe for long walks along beaches with visiting friends. It was perfect for carnival themed 40th festivities of another pal  (BYO best onesie). Nb, for anyone who feels the need […]

Baked Chicken and Basil Quinoa Risotto

Things are a little busy these days. They’re busy with sticky little hands who have four new favourite items in the house: the television remotes, my computer, the toilet and the toilet brush. None of which I’m keen on them cavorting with. They’re busy with a garden to tend to, plants to try and encourage […]