Lazy Broccoli with Chickpeas and Garlic

Do you need another way to get more greens in your diet? Do you need a kitchen stalwart that is going to be as hardworking and flexible as you are? (Congratulations on that, by the way). Do you need a way to use up the head of broccoli you bought on Sundaybecause you thought you […]

Lemon Chickpea Flour Pancakes with Creamed Kale

There are dishes that are bound for breakfast, others that are destined to be lunch. Some, when they’re not eaten for supper taste like sadness (cold pizza eaten for breakfast, I’m looking at you). This is not that sort of dish. If what you need is a vegetarian bounty of greens and gluten free deliciousness […]

Vegan/Paleo Chai Tagine

Do you need another make ahead, vegetarian/vegan friendly/ Paleo friendly/ meal in your arsenal for when those folks drop in that isn’t a curry or bowl of pumpkin and coconut soup? If so, skip straight to the recipe at the bottom. This aromatic, slovenly easy vegetarian tagine is possibly what you’re looking for. Again, if […]

Warm White Salad

Inspiration for dinner can come from the darnedest places. If what you’re after is a cracking recipe for your next Meatless Monday supper, something to feed the visiting vegetarians, or a lovely side for roast lamb or pan seared pink fish, click straight to the bottom. If you have some time for a little whimsy […]

Smoked Paprika, Sweet Potato, Red Lentil and Chick...

There’s a great line in one of my favourite 90’s  films; ‘I never did mind about the little things’. I’m not a big one for violence – real or simulated.  (The Hungry One now refuses to watch Game of Thrones with me.  He says my squeamish squirming is too distracting. Meanwhile, I would quite like […]