Eating out – Rome


Gelato dossier

Two weeks in Italy. Summer. Temperatures soaring to 39 degrees- in the shade. Gelato is a perfectly reasonable substitute for a meal, right? For The Hungry One it’s nigh impossible to go past chocolate – though sometimes he’ll bend to vanilla studded with it and go for straciatella. For me? Hazelnut gelato is an absolute […]


Arriverderci, Roma

Dear Rome, You’re a sweet city. A little hot for me in the last couple of days, but you’ve got spunk. And anywhere that you can order gelato before midday is a friend of mine.Can I thank you in particular for a couple of things? Where we stayed I really liked Suite Dreams. It was […]


Checchino dal 1887: aka fat and happy

Dear Tori, I know you haven’t acted since university. However we’d like to offer you a lot of money to be in some soon-to-be named film. However, in order to capture the real essence of the character we need you to gain 10 kilos. Think Renee Zellweger in Bridget Jones, but a little more. We […]