Eating out – Zermatt

Travel essentials – Mr Technical

A follow up to my travel essentials. This one is from The Hungry One, aka ‘Mr Technical’. When we travel with hand luggage only for a weekend away, this is what always comes with him. He sometimes has to work when we’re away. He likes to prepare for contingencies. He likes his technology. The stuff […]


How far will you go

How far will you go for a great lunch? This was a question that was stalking me as I clambered back up a 60 degree slope that was covered in streams of powder and ice. We’ve flown across the world for meals. El Bulli. Fat Duck. Osteria Francescana. Per Se. We drove six hours into […]


Chez Vrony

It’s not a bad view. If only I was dressed in a way that did it justice. I think this is the first time I’ve ever ventured into a Michelin starred restaurant with my hair in Heidi braids and plastic and metal manacles on my feet. My skis have been parked outside with dozens of […]


Igloo bar

I’ll put it out there. I’m not a great skier. I’m pretty physically conservative. I don’t much like pain- whether it comes from falling, or torture devices that masquerade as ski boots. I’m not built for speed. But I do appreciate twinkle lights, alpine scenery, and faux furry hoods. Add to that the scents of […]