Pint of Prawns

It was as clear as day. There I was, sitting on the wooden stool on the stoop of Wright Brothers at Borough Markets. There’s an oversized oak barrel for a table in front of me and a rosy glass of pink wine to my right. The hustle and bustle of the markets is starting to […]

Cod with Chickpeas, Chorizo, Apple and Tomato

  My body needs pulses. It needs fish. It needs tomatoes. It needs apples and it needs nuts. This is a standard situation, but it’s one made more acute by what I’ve been consuming for the past twelve days. None of those are things which appear that frequently on the menus of restaurants in Bruges, […]

Spiced Ceviche Boats with Tiger’s Milk- Life...

Oscarsfeast 2013 Continues The film: The dish: The reason: ‘Thank you Lord Vishnu. Thank you for coming in the form of a fish and saving our lives.’ Not everyone may be as grateful as Pi to eat raw seafood for breakfast. But after floating for weeks on a raft in the Pacific with only a […]

Greens with spicy avocado sauce, seeds and salmon

This is about a post plane trip meal. I’ve talked a bit before about what I feel like eating after a flight. Sometimes it’s a comforting roast chicken dish like this. Sometimes it’s all about the greens and beans. And after the most recent 28 hour commute from Sydney to London, it’s this. I promise, […]


Almond tarator with salmon, courgette and mint (ou...

Does anyone ever eat at their own wedding? I’m coming to grips with the fact it was four years ago I picked out these flowers for my brideslaves. Four years ago that we smiled shyly like this. And four years ago that I wrote this about wedding food. There’s no pressure ok? You just have […]