These are the eggs that brought me back from the brink. One very dusty morning in Sydney I prised open an eye to find The Hungry One chortling at me. ‘You were very funny last night’.

I have a history with hen’s nights. And not a great one.

I get caught up in the excitement. It’s nothing to do with paraphernalia that resembles male appendages or organised activities. I generally detest organised activities. Make me participate in a nude drawing class or  Paint Ball and I’ll run and hide in a dress up box. No,  I’m talking about the  glee that comes with a getting a  group of great women together. Glee, and far, far too much pink wine.

So, suffice to say, after the hen’s that preceded this most fabulous wedding left me a little worse for wear. Which is when The Hungry One shunted me off to Porch and Parlour.

It’s a sweet cafe and boutique at the north end of Bondi Beach, over looking the RSL. For those who’ve known the suburb for a while, it’s where the original Brown Sugar was. 

There are seats outside (I’m guessing that’s the porch) and then cosy communlal seating inside, with the sort of furniture you’d find in a share house of people in their 20’s, who have inherited pieces from distant aunts (the parlour).

The coffee is Sacred Grounds. There are fresh juices, housing all of the life affirming must haves of the moment; ginger spirulina and chia seeds all turn up for roll call. You order at the counter from calculatedly casual staff.  There are frittatas, full breakfasts and a dense bircher muesli with dates, apple, yogurt and poached pear ($9.50) that could steel you for days.

And then, there are the smashed eggs ($AUD12).

If anything can bring me back from the brink, it’s the steadying combination of eggs and avocado. My husband knows this. A nutritionist might be able to explain it better, but for me the appeal lies in the marriage of gentle saltiness and pliable protein.

Here I’m talking about toasted sourdough, an appropriate sized wedge of avocado and two shelled soft boiled eggs, ready rolled in fresh herbs and flakes of salt.

Occasionally the eggs are cold. I’ll be honest and say it’s much better when they’re warm. You then spread the avocado over the toast and then smash the eggs with your fork, so the yolk dribbles across its face, and not yours.

What makes it special is the gentle dusting of green herbs and salt. If I was going to replicate it at home, I might add some lemon zest, or give it whirl with smoked paprika (a little like these eggs back here).

At it’s heart, it’s a great rendering of a holy Australian trinity; sourdough, eggs and avocado at breakfast.

All that you need to add is a walk on the beach and a second coffee.  It’s the stuff that will not only bring you back to life, but make it one that’s damn worth living.

Porch and Parlour
02 9300 0111
Bondi / Bondi Beach
100 – 102 Brighton Blvd
North Bondi, NSW 2026, Australia