There are times when you feel rotten and you need something to make you feel better. Maybe it’s a honking cold. Maybe it’s a hangover. Maybe it’s manflu. Or maybe it’s just the mean reds.

Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure this soup  can help.

Rather than leaning on noodles, matzo balls, rice, or a slice of buttered toast for comforting squish, here you’ll find white beans. There’s still blonde and soft, but a little less doughy. Also invited out to play are lemon, chilli, garlic, chicken – and just to gild the lily, some spindles of egg.

The video below of me making the soup was shot on location at Borough Market and in my kitchen in London. It was made by some very talented friends.

And the recipe? It’s just one of 30 terrific dinner options in a nifty ebook I know of that might help you escape the crutch of white carbohydrates for dinner.

Man can’t live on bread alone. Trust me. I’ve tried.

You can still buy the ebook for the bargain price of $2.99 here.

Man Cannot Live On Bread Alone – Chicken & White Bean Soup from Dingo Bill Productions on Vimeo.