Cooking for one


Chickpeas, chilli, ricotta and tomato

Those who have read the blog for a while now will be well acquainted with the oatmeal squares that frame each photo. They’re bland, boring… safe.  For those who haven’t guessed, it’s not a speciality prop from my extensive supply; it’s the the carpet adjacent to the window; up here in our castle in the […]


Zucchini and spinach omelette (and a glass of wine...

Is there anything more welcoming than an omelette and a glass of wine? To make an omelette is a life skill. Elizabeth David may have her detractors, but she was right about its steadying properties. I’ve been making a lot of omelettes lately. I’ve been teaching a goat cheese and basil version to my neighbour […]

Peas, fennel, mint, parmesan and lemon salad

Peas, fennel, mint, parmesan and lemon salad

  Spring should have sprung by now. Seriously. This is getting silly. Wind is lashing the window like a strident horseman and the sky is downright grey. Welcome back to London, Tori. This is the kind of dish I make when there are clouds lazily bobbing across a blue sky and it’s warm enough to […]

White bean puree with blistered tomato and fennel- still getting evangelical about pulses

White bean puree with blistered tomato and fennel-...

In my efforts to break away from the crutch of carbs these white beans have become my blue jeans. They’re my ballet slippers. The big grey jumper. They’re my stretchy black sun dress, or for The Hungry One, the football jersey that he should really let go of.  In essence, they’re what I reach for […]

The chicken pie I wish I had

The chicken pie I wish I had

Ah, plane food. Such a constellation of delights. This is a story about one of them. Granted, I wasn’t in the greatest of moods when we started our 28 hour commute from Sydney to London. We travel lots, but I’m yet to master being charming all the time while being squeezed into a metal tube […]