Leek and White Bean Soup

Do you need a silky bowl of soup, stat? Do you need something that is deceptively dairy free, elegant but homely, calming and pluckily thrifty? If so, then I think this slow carb twist on vichysoisse might be what you’re looking for. This leek and white bean soup, rounded with the surprising sweetness of a […]


Grapefruit and Blood Orange Olive Oil Cake

There are everyday cakes and there are special occasion cakes.  And then there are the rare breeds. These are the cakes that are the black jersey dress in your cupboard- the kind that can be comfortable and casual and at home on the couch, or serve just fine at a semi-formal do, so long as […]


Roast Tomato, Pesto, Bocconcini and Lentil Salad

We all have kryptonite foods. It’s the stuff we secretly make when we think nobody is watching, or caring. It’s the fodder we use to refuel when we’re flagging. And it’s very rarely that great for us.  The Hungry One’s is chicken schnitzel. Anytime he’s away on business, or left alone for a spell you […]


SubPrime Fish Stew – The Big Short

The Film: The Dish: The Reason: Collateralised Debt Obligations aren’t the easiest concept to digest- that is until you have a cameo from Chef Anthony Bourdain to illuminate them: “It goes something like this: A chef buys fish on Friday. Two days later, it can’t be sold as is, it’s now too old and stinky, […]


Flourless Fig, Pistachio and Almond Cake

  I’ll make a deal with you. First I’m going to have a little natter about getting back into the swing of hosting after a long hiatus. Then I’m going to have a small rant. Lastly I’m going to share a charming (though a touch earnest) flourless almond cake with you- here it was deployed […]