Date and Sesame Bars



Do you need a new lunch box snack in your life? Do you need something that is nut free/ dairy free/wheat free/ refined sugar free and manages to sneak a sly vegetable into whoever is consuming it? If so, I think I can help. These date and sesame bars may just be what you’re looking for. They’re politely sweet and sturdy enough to quell the 10 am hungry yaps. They work well as a breakfast on the fly. And if you’re one of the folk who can’t abide baked bananas (yes, I know you lurk among us), they also manage to lean on another source for pliability (mashed sweet potatoes, …

Date and Three Veg Cakes


Are you searching for a sneaky way to get some more vegetables into the people you love? (Even if that’s you?). If you’re looking for a fudgy, chocolate cake that fits happily in the palm of your hand (or a lunch box) and manages to sneak a smudge of three extra veg into your diet stat- skip straight to the matching image and recipe at the bottom. These date, carrot, zuchinni and beet cakes (hipster heaven; dairy free, wheat free, refined sugar free etc etc) may be what you’re looking for. If you have the patience for context, some battle-worn hacks on getting veg into four small people and the usual endorsements read …

Five Hour Lamb Shoulder


Do you need a complete fail-safe, hands off way to feed a crowd easily and elegantly? If so, I’ve got a solution for you. This five hour lamb shoulder is my default dinner party/lunch party answer- and I think it might soon be yours too. If you’re in a hurry for how-to, skip straight to the matching photo at the bottom. If you’ve got the wherewithal for chat, and context, read on. 

This is not the first recipe for lamb shoulder on this site. But it is the one I keep making again and again. I make it because it is the perfect equation of results trumping effort.  It takes care …