Cauliflower, Sumac and Fig Salad


Do you need a grain free/ dairy free salad to take to a pot luck? Do you need a strapping side dish to sit happily alongside a slow roasted shoulder of lamb, barbecued side of salmon, or spatchcocked chickens? Do you want something that’s going to use up some of the sumac you bought a few years ago and has sat in your pantry, or the figs that are suddenly on sale for a song? If so I can help. Skip straight to the matching photo at the bottom for the recipe. If you have the patience for prattle, context and endorsements, read on.

This salad is one that now lives in the …

Evie Cookies (Dairy Free Oat, Dried Fruit and Coconut Cookies)


Are you in need of an easy, refined sugar/dairy/wheat free hipster cookie biscuit that you and yours can easily make and devour? The sort of thing to gift to breastfeeding friends, share over a baby cino with a toddler, or pack up as a portable breakfast? If so, I think I can help. Skip down to the matching photo at the bottom for the recipe. 

If you have the time or appetite for some prattle and endorsements, read on. 

This week I’m going to prattle a little bit about what I’ve learned in a year of living #dairyfree. Let’s make something clear. If there is someone in your social circle who has …

Dairy Free Banana, Raspberry and Coconut Cakes


Oh, hi there.

So, 2017 happened. I’m back. Apologies for the absence. But then, perhaps we’re not friends yet. Perhaps you’ve just come here in search of a stonkingly easy, muddle and mix, refined sugar/ dairy free/ switchable staple muffin/cake hybrid to keep you and yours happy at 10 am with a coffee or babycino. If that’s the case, skip straight to the photo at the bottom and you’ll find the recipe. I think you’re going to like it.

If you have the appetite or inclination for prattle, updates, the occasional rant and life endorsements, read on. 

When I last left you I had just given birth to Evelyn Grace Haschka. It was the final …