Swiss Chard Baked Meatballs


Do you need another midweek comfort food staple? Do you also hanker for a sly way of getting some extra greens in your diet? Do you sometimes have a craving for baked meatballs that is so profound that it has to be catered to immediately? If so, I think I can help. What follows is a new addition to the favourite-food-roster in this house. It also contains my ratio for perfect plush meatballs, plus a nifty trick of pre baking and then poaching which allows them meatballs to keep their shape, and prevents any faff with cooking them in the fry pan first. If this is what you need in …

Rockmelon and Lime Granita


  Do you need a relatively easy, light and breezy dessert? Are you enough of a zealous host that beyond a dessert, what you really are hankering for is a ‘pre-desser’t palate cleanser to add to your repertoire? Do you need something that is refreshing and handily happens to be dairy free/ gluten free/ refined sugar free/ nut free/ paleo to feed the chaotic constellation of dietary requirements that are descending to your table this holiday season? Or, is it just 3 pm, stinking hot, you’re the size of a small elephant, with a rogue rockmelon on the kitchen bench and you’re trying not to get too friendly again with the …

Pork Shoulder with Cabbage and Stone Fruit


Do you need some Germanic comfort in your life? Do you need a stoic stew that’s Teutonically thrifty, freezer friendly and coincidentally Paleo? (Gluten, refined sugar, dairy etc free). If so, I think I can help. This pressure cooked (though a slow cooker or Dutch Oven would also produce a similar result) pork, cabbage and stone fruit stew may be what you’re looking for. If you’re in a hurry, skip straight to the recipe at the bottom. If you have time for the wax and waffle of life and words, read on.

We’re into cabbages this week. We’re into cabbages because in #poppyseedtopumpkin, that’s the size of my stowaway, at …