A booking to get excited about

The last step in the three stage implemtation plan of The Hungry One’s birthday.

Actually, it’s not one booking. It’s a couple.

The excitement is starting to crystallise like the crust on a Krispy Kreme. As it should. This is what we’re looking forward to.

Dinner at Burj Al Ahrab. Just to get into see this supposed seven star shrine to excess you have to make a booking at the bar, or a buffet. It’s both hilarious and ridiculous- but I figure if anyone’s going to get value out of a buffet- The Hungry One will.

Dinner at Il Ridotto. A five-table little gem behind the Doge’s Palace in Venice. Gianni Bonnacorsi is one man who supposedly does it all- chef, waiter, and sommelier. We aim to marvel in his presence.

Dinner at Osteria Francescana. Sure it’s a little train trip from Bologna to Modena, but if we can justify a flight to the other side of the world for one meal in Spain, 35 minutes on an inter-city train is the least we can do to sample Italy’s most innovative. Restaurant Magazine’s Top 50 invited Massimo Buttura to number 13 in their rankings. I’m sure “his interpretation of a New York skyline, a dish of Italian meats gently cooked sous vide, standing in for buildings and parsley foam depicting foliage” couldn’t have hurt.

These of course get added to his gifts to himself;

Dinner at Bras. It’s number 7. Come on. We couldn’t be that close and not swing past.

Lunch at Fat Duck.

Dinner at El Bulli.

We’ll keep you posted on how it goes.


  1. Ohhh love the new header!

    Also loving your travel/restaurant plans. You two deserve to have the bestest, yummiest, stretchy-pantsiest time.

    And I'll put my order in for a black forest cake upon your return 🙂 xx

  2. I love the new header too – very nice indeed. And am looking forward to reading about your forthcoming food travels – most of my travel is vicarious these days!

  3. Tor, great header – how did you do it? And who do you want to win Masterchef?

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