This year’s Christmas cake

“I’m all out of ice-cream”.

Def: When the bucket is empty; when you’ve just scooped a little too far down.

It’s just something we say. It’s now part of that annoyingly cosy vernacular that comes from being part of a pair.

It could be Friday night and The Hungry One feels like going out.

“Bub, I’d love to. But I’m just all out of ice cream” I’ll say.

It bubbles forth when someone is just plum out of the cushiony stuff that keeps you bouncing along. When you’re literally scraping the bottom.

During November we were spending quite a bit of time around Darlinghurst in Sydney. The reason we were there wasn’t a lot of fun. So thank goodness there’s some decent food in the ‘hood to distract.

On the days that were particularly difficult to swallow we made off to an especially comforting place on Victoria Street- Gelato Messina. A shiny haven of temptation, Gelato Messina’s gleaming tubs house up to forty flavours, including Black Forrest (which made The Hungry One’s eye’s bug), fig and marsala, banana bread and my classic version of hope-in-a-cone; hazelnut. Gelato Messina became the default place to run away to and replenish the shared coping cup.

Now it’s Christmas, and we’ve inherited the responsibility of dessert for the clan. It’s been exciting pondering the possibilities. Except I’m working right up to Christmas Eve.

Bring on Gelato Messina’s sanity saving Pandoro cakes.

These festively sweet, tree shaped concoctions can feed about 12, beneath a chewy Pandoro crust thy encase a tower of three of your favourite flavours.

Like hauling barbecues up 20 stairs and lifting heavy beams, going in to make the selection of flavours was one of those tasks in life The Hungry One was built for.

Here’s what he chose: for the bottom; chocolate fondant, gleefully dark and gooily dense. Above that a pillow of dark cherry sorbet. And for the top- Italian nougat, studded with almonds.

When I asked The Hungry One what he wanted for Christmas he joked that a full tub of the chocolate fondant would do.

Sometimes when you’re all out of ice cream, it’s best to go straight to the source.

  1. What a saying! Most of mine are borrowed from films, but this one is brilliant.

    Sounds like when you're all outta ice-cream, it's time to hit up the gelato.


  2. Yup, great saying – I'm only sorry you've had cause to use it 🙁

    But it might work it's way into my vocab, too (we use "I don't have any beans left" and I'm not even sure where that came from!)


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