Bread and butter pudding and An Education

Let’s be honest; Carey Mulligan doesn’t look like she eats a lot of any kind of pudding-but when you’re looking for classic white-bread conservative English fare; bread and butter pudding is pretty much where you end up.

This is the easiest version I know.

Take a pannetone that’s left over from Christmas. Slice it and layer it in a lasagne size baking dish.

You get the fruit, a hint of spice, the bread and the butter, all in a ready to go format.

I then played hide and seek with some fresh raspberries; dotting them in and around the segments of brioche. Over the top I poured three beaten eggs and a cup and a half of milk. You could use half milk and half cream, but I think the milk is fine.

And that’s it.

In the oven it goes for 30 minutes on 180. I cover it with foil for the first 25 and then let it crisp up on the top at the end.

Then it came out to play with blood orange sorbet for a sassy little kick.

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