Happiness is…. breakfast already cued (bircher muesli)

There are some mornings when even the act of adding milk and berries to muesli is too much.

Or, moreover- the sound of someone scratching around the kitchen and putting milk, yogurt and cheap-as British berries onto muesli is too much.

That might be because it’s around 5 am and A Very Hungry One is foraging in the dark for some fuel before he heads to the gym.

He may officially be titled the solutions designer, but occasionally I can come up with one on my own.

It’s now known as Project Big Tub.

A big tub of bircher muesli now squats in the fridge. The night before we lay out spoons and bowls on the bench. Cued.

Then at 5am it’s just one open/shut of a door and a couple of clankings of a spoon against a bowl. I think both of us can cope with that.

Bircher muesli

Shopping/ foraging

3 cups of untoasted muesli
1 red apple, grated
1 cup and a half of apple juice
1 cup and a half of natural yogurt
1 cup of fresh or frozen berries

Here’s how we roll

1) Take 3 cups of your favourite kind of untoasted muesli. Or if you’re really good, 3 cups of muesli that you’ve made up yourself, with rolled oats, wheatgerm, LSA, sunflower seeds, and other earnest bits and pieces.

2) Add to that one grated red apple. Don’t bother to peel it, the skin is good stuff too.

3) Stir in a cup and a half of apple juice. If you don’t have apple juice, then substitute this with milk, but it will taste less fruity.

4) Add to that a cup and a half of natural yogurt.

5) I also add a cup of fresh blueberries or raspberries (if you’re in London and they’re two for 3 pounds), if not then a cup of frozen berries would be fine. Might as well add them in now- one less thing to do first thing in the morning.

6) Stir it all around. Put it in the fridge to keep itself company overnight.

Any other suggestions for ready-cued breakfasts gratefully received….

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